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Critical Thinking Introduction

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Whereas Ordinary Thinkers (OT) think and talk about people, events, things, and appearances, Critical Thinkers (CT) think and talk about ideas, creating, and goals. However, there are different categories of CT. Type I is Spiritually oriented--working within the realm of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural while manifesting them in the form of Ma'at (Love in action). Type II is Astral CT who think outside the confines of the Material World in dealing with highly Abstract subjects. Type III is Constructive Common Sense CT whose tools are the exercise of systematic observation, the senses, memory, and reflection. These are developed, not necessarily from book knowledge, but by lessons from inquiry and mistakes applied to practical living. Type IV is Brute CT who use shrewd, cunning, and clever CT designed to "divide and conquer" and Kill/Take/Destroy to gain material things. They stir up disharmony and fashion so much confusion, fear, and difficulty as to cause Illusions (resulting from measures misdirecting attention away from Reality so as to create uncertainty sufficient to persuade one to believe the fantasy produced is Reality) and Delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real). For instance, the Material is falsely presented as solid when basic physics shows it is constantly changing. This chaos leads the masses to "give up" and be willingly led. By being outside humanity, "Philosophically Sick," and anti-Spiritual Elements oriented, the effects of their evilness must be constantly fought. They will never "see the light." Type V is Flawed CT--i.e. various mixtures of the other CT and of OT.

Each of these OT and CT conform to the Law of Neuroplasticity. This means ones brain demonstrates the capability to change with the type of learning to which it is exposed. In other words, "YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT!" This happens regardless of how good/bad is the environment in which one lives; regardless of the nurturing/abuse one experiences; regardless of the degree of health/dysfunctionality in ones family home; regardless of whether one is an Isolated Individualist (carving out ones own path through life and traveling alone) or goes along with the crowd; regardless of the height/depth of the platform upon which ones Self-Esteem stands; and regardless of the mirror one uses to assess ones Body Image. Those who allow others (the good, the blind, the dumb, the evil) to dictate the course of their destiny tend to stay with the crowd, do only what is familiar, solve problems by custom, and give up much of who they are to "belong" so as to never reach their potential greatness. OT, not CT, are bursting with opinions on everything, lack foresight/forethought; fail to keep their word; do "he said/she said" conversations; have easily hurt feelings; and are fad oriented to exciting trivia. OT living is mainly done on a treadmill (i.e. going nowhere) inside the Brute CT created worlds featuring their religion and Bible; marketplace, school system, media; and Brute values.

Those who "Take Charge and Control" of their own lives are likely to have a successful life by using Types I, II, III CT as well as do OT at appropriate times. However, when serious business pops up, CT are driven to leave the crowd so as to explore the unknown and seek out the Truth; become efficient and effective in their time, energy, and efforts directed toward goals; and eagerly face each problem unemotionally so as to creativity solve it. Because skilled CT makes one feel strong and stable, there is no running away to "Escape" from problems and no running to other people to be soothed. By feeling deeply connected to people they never say: "I'm too busy" when something beneficial to the advancement of themselves and others occurs. CT necessarily requires self-reliance and that generates a healthy self-esteem. Yet, skilled CT demands constant daily hard, boring, and tedious work. Ref: This series of articles is reproduced from Bailey, "Leadership Critical Thinking."


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