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Patterned to Critical Thinking Switch

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There is far, far more fun to be had with Thinking Creatively and Critically than by whatever is gotten out of peering at electronic gadgets, playing video games, and having corded plugs stuck in ones ears. What these and the European Educational, Media, and Religious (by means of the European Bible, like that of King James) Systems do is create delusions, lead to being easily controlled, and taught Patterned Thinking (PT). Bad PT prevents victims from creating or enhancing mental power; from generating a sense of the "5Ss" (safety, security, sureness, strength, stability); and from self-cultivation. During my schooling I never was taught how subjects in different classes or how parts of information are interrelated or prioritized so as to be able to select things of decision/solution importance--like how to recognize problems, assess them, and deal with them on different planes of existence. We students were led into PT by doing a lot of "Rote Memory"; by not being given options or learning how to generate options; by not hearing the whole story; by silence about vitally important things (like the achievements of Black People which dominate the world); by the use of big words that made no dictionary sense and that were not part of our environment; by presenting delusions (e.g. how great Europeans are and that they created "everything" and know God's Words); and by being given self-defeating standards (e.g. what Whites say is how Black People must live). The media leads us into PT by presenting stereotypes about how the most troubled Black People represent all Black People; how Black People are only good to be servants; by channeling Black youth into entertaining White People (e.g. advertizing only those with a ball in their hands); by how buying their trinket products will solve all people's problems and make people "happy"; and by making people feel they do not "belong" if they have not bought the newest version of what is bigger, better, faster. Religion creates PT by making up Biblical information and demanding people believe, have Faith, and not question it.

Students who parrot and model this school nonsense are complimented and given high grades. Examples are to encourage reading fast for those who do are deemed brighter. Fast reading with "comprehension" is about picking out highlights. Except in poetry, there is no emphasis on paying attention to details (where success lies) or seeing where the idea inside some word leads, as is done with Critical Thinking (CT). European School Systems are assembly lines and students who follow the patterns laid out are embraced as "belonging." The rest are ostracized in a variety of ways--e.g. not encouraged to mentally "stretch"; not complimented; put in "special" groups with "dumbed down" information; allowed to text in class so as to prevent them from being disruptive; and not exposed to what is needed. Then too, for me, most things Europeans say and do fail to make sense. I never understood why there is celebration of Columbus Day as a result of Columbus "discovering" America when 18 million people were already here. If it was not so serious, it would be really funny.

Smart Black students are threats because, by not following the pattern, they are not controllable and will not tolerate all this bad information. Yet, most are crushed. This goes back to slavery when the captors' rule was: “if you give a nigger an inch, he will take an ell; he should know nothing but the will of his master, and learn to obey it. Learning would spoil the best nigger in the world; if you teach that nigger how to read the bible, there will be no keeping him; it would forever unfit him for the duties of a slave…” From this Fredrick Douglass realized that the Power Whites Have Over Blacks Comes From Keeping Blacks Ignorant. Reading and Words became his weapon to fight his way out of mental and physical slavery. Regardless of ones dysfunctional family or neighborhood or bad luck, switching to CT is the way out. CT teaches one to be greedy for learning and for forging a thriving lifestyle for oneself. Why wait?


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