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Slavery Derived Patterned Thinking

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Patterns of thinking can be good, bad, or indifferent. An organized "Pattern" is not symmetrical but instead has an orderly wiggly form so unique to itself as to not be recognizable or pinned down--and this distinquishes it from a "Mess". Its features include: (1) a design or configuration of energy movement frozen to the eye or mind; (2) a specific outline within which is a vibration frequency generating a specific degree of power; (3) a conveyer of components like Principles and Events as well as characters, incidents, and settings serving as symbols of significance--each with an obvious part and a deeper, almost hidden meaning; and (4) a meaning coming from a source having a particular intention to achieve a particular purpose. The concern here is self-defeating patterns of thinking, feeling, expressing, and acting present in today's struggling Black Americans. As mentioned, these originated in Enslaved African Americans' Despair--out of which arose the "4Fs"--Fight, Flight, Fright, and Funk branches. The Enslaved "Fight" Group valiantly resisted openly or subtly. Many killed European captors, but more were killed. The ways of destruction used by Europeans were intended to "kill the spirit" (disconnect it from the "Self") of the Enslaved by using methods unimaginable to humane minds. During this time the European Church's world-wide Inquisition was carrying out the most horrendous forms of killing of whomever refused to believe church doctrine and do as told. Its justification was based on Europeans' concepts of sinners going away from the true direction or posture of what Europeans said was "right," as told them by the "White man's god." So, they said, since sinners “twisted away” from their proper senses and direction, torture was required by painful reverse twisting and stretching the victim’s limbs on the rack. Special for the Enslaved was setting them on fire while pulling them apart. Not only did this "Make an Example of" those who fought but instilled in the living Enslaved a chronic Fright mindset which thought and lived in a pattern of "Stay in your place."

Daily killings, dangers, lashings, and intimidation were layered on the Slaves' core of Fright like leaves on a "head of lettuce." This meant each was self-absorbed in simply trying to survive and they barely had enough energy left over to take care of themselves and to provide care for loved ones. The aura of Fright arising out of the "Head of Lettuce" contained a sense of "Dread" (i.e. a steady sense of anxiety) and Terror (regarding what would happen next to any or every part of them), Dismay, Consternation, Apathy, Depression, and Hopelessness of the bottom of the barrel type. Together a "Funk" Mindset + a chronic Omnibus Brain state of Alarm + Selfhood Withdrawal (similar to a turtle retracting into its shell) + Self-Absorbtion + Selfhood Splintering were typical mental inner recess features. The combination of all this mental turmoil + being unarmed while face-to-face with extremely evil and sadistic European captors naturally led to as little thinking as possible (because it was too painful). Also, since their duties were not complex, PT was sufficient to do them.

An infinite variety of Defense Mechanisms and Coping Mechanisms (actions taken in problematic situations so as to endure) were used. A common Coping Mechanism was the Enslaved playing the role of demeaning their own Selfhoods but many then "lived down" to that role. An extreme form was "Evasion"--the opposite of "Focus" (which is integration of mental functions) and not the same as "Non-Focus" (which is non-integration of mental functions). Extreme Evasion is willful disintegration of mental functions and the suspension of ones consciousness--i.e. the setting of cognitive function and CT in reverse. The result of shattering cognition is the reduction of the contents of ones mind to disconnected, un-integrated fragments that are independent of one another. This form of Mental Evasion leaves no choice but to develop distortions and fantasies interwoven with pieces of the truth.


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