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Summary of Failure

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Three factors which generated a "Failure Complex” (ones “Failure Mindset” + a group “Failure Atmosphere”) during African American Slavery were: (1) European captors dehumanizing the Enslaved and treating them worse than hated animals; (2) European captors doing every conceivable thing to make the Enslaved believe they and their Ancestors were failures the moment they were born; and (3) Enslaved Mothers belittling their children in hopes the captors would not discover their precocity and then sell them for a high price. These patterns continued post-slavery: e.g. demeaning stereotypes; media pictures of Blacks in prison or acting as dumb servants; youth calling each other bad names; angry Mothers attacking their children’s self-esteem (“you’re going to grow up to be just like your no good father!”).

Each instance was a leaf added to the “Failure Complex.” Fortunately, my family’s approach was to build me up by repeatedly telling me I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Still today, most Black Americans are burdened with sooo many problems--from direct and indirect effects of racism and from persisting Delusions/Lifestyles created by slavery’s “Failure Complex.” This blinds them as to how to get out of their bottomless pit. Their false belief in there being no way out is like placing their minds inside a mental vault burial chamber where they undergo suffocation, strangulation, and turmoil. This makes for problematic choices, decisions, and problem solving. To this “choking mindset” are added ongoing layers of psycho-trauma (like leaves continually added to a head of lettuce) and thus increasing the splintering of their Selfhood. Each splintered part is placed inside its own mental vault. These “vaults within vaults” mold a struggling status quo lifestyle. The afflicted’s routinely flawed assessments of their innumerable problems prevent the fashioning of a path leading them to their Mission in life and not even to material comforts. Thus, “Escapes” are resorted to for relief.

Management starts with reconnecting ones Selfhood with Cosmic Unconditional Love because this gives one the opportunity to realize ones own limitless personal power- -a power which harmonizes by putting ones mind in order so as to generate a thriving life. Next, since everything Europeans are about in dealing with Black People (and themselves) is to create Delusions, all of ones Delusions must be discovered and converted to truth. Any harm one does to oneself-- any needless harm invited or not prevented--any thought of self-doubt about ones power to turn ones life around and achieve something special- -is a Delusion (i.e. not the truth). “Failure Beliefs” come from negative self-talk which convinces ones Selfhood that ones mental abilities are drained of power. To overcome this, recall that every human possesses a “drop” of God. The power in that “drop” is unlimited and derives from an infinite source. Thus, it is ones choice as to how much of ones infinite power one will use--for what--when--and with what frequency. Failing to assess ones situation for keystone problems--failing to take immediate action (and using excuses for procrastination)-- or giving up quickly once one starts making corrections is not a reflection of being incapable of doing it. Instead, the cause is an Unwillingness to do what ought to be done.

Fundamental to rising out of the vicious cycle of failing is to stop letting others define who one is and stop following the patterns of the crowd. Instead, think about the good, the neutral, and the self-defeating things the crowd does--and eliminate the neutral and the self-defeating. Keep the good; create more good goals that are worth doing; that are in ones best interest; that benefit others; and use ones Spiritual Energy Package to achieve those goals with a sense of urgency. If its worth doing, its worth doing right! Personal failure cannot exist if one does what one ought to do/the best one can do/ as often as one can do/as fast as one can do/ and as long as one can do. The old common sense saying still applies: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

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