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Management Of Failure

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African American Slaves who gave up on all Hope for a better life settled into the bottomless pit of Despair. Out of Despair they understandably concluded it is the lesser of two evils to not try to go after their Desires than have their hopes raised and then dashed. Although this worked "okay" for the Enslaved, it has helped mold many minds of today's struggling Black Americans into settling for a status quo lifestyle--an admission of "giving up" on life. This makes it easy to accept, embrace, and not defend against needless hardships as well as willingly "stay in their place"--the status quo. As a result of this atmosphere of "Failure" serving as a source of hypersensitivity and embarrassment, the afflicted try to distance themselves from anything associated with, or anything that could form, "Failure". Some react passively by "not trying/giving up"; some, as false front "know-it-alls"; and some focus on exhibiting power, despite being unprepared to back it up or to lead constructively. So what can be done?

Step I: Since the mindset of being a "Failure" is drained of power, the basic principle is to instantly fill it with power--meaning "Aliveness Energy." A beginning is to become aware of constructive atmospheres which are "sensed." This might start by observing Nature and asking: "Why do ants suddenly appear and then suddenly disappear? Or "What is it that causes birds to fly together and in formation?" Thinking about things like this activates ones curiousity and therefore "Aliveness Energy." It is productive to make this pattern of thinking transferrable into ones life. "Why am I restricting myself to walking on treadmill through life?" "Why is it I fail to analyze my situation in life or my experiences--whether of failures, set-backs, procrastination, or inaction?" "Do I not realize that hoping for things to get better + keep doing things the way they have always been done = zero progress?" Step II: by emptying the mind of the filth of Delusions enables one to experience the "Aliveness Energy" of what is "simple, true, and real." One then stops making decisions driven by emotions (e.g. likes/dislikes) and, instead, bases them on the Cosmic Mind laws of Mental Instincts--Instincts which derive from the same Unconditional Love which powers the Cosmic Organism (of which all God's creatures are an essential part). One effect Unconditional Love has on ones Selfhood is to not allow it to do harm to oneself--physically (e.g. drugs), spiritually (e.g. stop believing bad religious propaganda), mentally (e.g. stopping all negative Self-Talk), and not running with a bad/"dead-end" crowd.

Step III: To become mentally free starts with recognizing the many layers of protection placed around ones ability to see the Truth and Reality and which stifle courage. Each layer is like a leaf on a head of lettuce and each must be peeled off one at a time. What works for me is to write out all the thoughts on my mind day after day after day. As removal of more and more "junk" occurs I start "getting real." Increasing reality breaks up more and more protective barriers which, in turn, allow meaningful insights to peek through. Invariably, I will see the part I played in causing the problem and that hurts my feelings. But I have learned that, in the interest of continued progress, not to judge what I do and not to blame myself because the job is to discover "the Truth/the Whole Truth/and nothing but the Truth." After all, my hurt feelings are nowhere near as important as the Truth--a point which many people fail to understand about themselves. As part of discovering flaws, I ask for the opinions of friends and "enemies" (for they are eager to tell me) as a means to discover information I had not thought about. Whatever they say I consider carefully; extract what is beneficial; discard the rest; and apply the beneficial to improving my life--whether directly, by modification, or creatively using the principle in that lesson. The same process is done for each experience. By making a game out of striving for perfection motivates me to not make the same mistake twice and to get better and better every day.

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