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"Oreos" As Selfhood Failures

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Oreo Blacks (those idealizing and imitating Europeans) are like little children who--when offered a shiny penny (the "trinket" values of Europeans) and a dusty silver dollar (the ignored treasures of African Tradition)--choose the shiny penny. Hence, by not realizing certain generalities of European culture, they are on the road to being like them and thus failing in life. First, Europeans socialize by "conditional love" ("I will love you if you do what I say and will not love you if you do things your way"). If one lives outside European rules, one is made to feel one has let down the group and that calls for unending apologies--and perhaps to the point of becoming a "doormat" under their feet. Being pressured by the European community to conform to the rules means one is not free to be who one really is (e.g. compassionate). Since being isolated and abandoned are such powerful forces, one represses ones own reality and may even dissociate from it to hopefully not lose all of ones "friends." Second, Guilt is added by making one believe one is not good enough to think on ones own--a major threat to the European community. European advertisements are founded on leading the public to feel something is wrong with them. Third, Fear as a way of life serves as a means of control (e.g. in the event of victim retaliation); as a reason for needless aggression (fear of not having enough); and to make money by providing "safety and security" against losing all one has. Fourth, Europeans pride themselves on being "Individualists" (in opposition to a human's natural social orientation) which periodically demands "clinging" alliances for self-preservation. Fifth, there is no spiritual point of personal centeredness, harmony, or connectedness. Sixth, they are an unhappy people.

Oreos and Europeans reciprocate benefits. Europeans pay money, power, and status to buy the "souls" of Oreos--but never accepting them as equals--and do not care. In exchange, Oreos serve as "spys" (as were the "Waiting Slaves"); as infiltrators into Black organizations; and being the "fall guy" when legal and moral issues arise. And there will be no safety net once Oreos are spotlighted as "the problem." In the process, Oreos can expect to subject themselves to the most rigorous self-discipline and self-control ("never show what you truly feel") just to not be a "troublemaker." Europeans' outrageous Projections (accusing others of flaws the accuser possesses), are absorbed by the weak (e.g. Oreos) who then self-blame: "It's my fault; I have to deal with it." The result is a likelihood of experiencing much greater internal stress than the puppeteers. In addition to repressing their natural feelings in order to conform, Oreos will probably be unhappy with themselves + have constant hurt feelings + not ever be "mentally free" + have to "go along to get along"--and still lose in the end.

The Selfhood Splintering practices of Europeans gradually cause Oreos to drift further away from who they really are--and to the point of being "unidentifiable" and even "unrecognizable" to themselves. By not knowing who one is and rejecting/denying where one came from is a form of "Internal/External Isolationism" that leads to a variety of mental problems. One is the need to cling to the dispassionate Europeans who pull the puppets' strings. Another is ones Selfhood Splintering causes one to believe the opposite sides of the same thing--perhaps with the truth being in ones head while the embraced delusions being in ones heart--or vice versa. Still another is developing a desperate need for admiration--the “narcissist”--who, behind the mask, has a self-loathing, a dread of failure, and an inability to deal with failure when it inevitably appears. It is not unusual from constantly being on the "edge" to start having vague aches and pains in ones body (e.g. stomach problems) which are psychosomatically based. From "selling out" to Europeans as one is "sucked dry" of life while being disliked by Black People. The Oreo may then resort to beating down others in the spirit of: "misery loves company"--a sure sign of Selfhood failure.

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0 # AnotherAnonymousPost 2012-12-03 20:35
Why must you insist on keeping racist beliefs such as this alive? Either assimilate into the great melting pot of our society or go back to Africa. The melting pot idea is that every culture brings the best it has to offer and adds it to the mix. We leave our negative traits behind. Instead of bashing and dividing, try uniting for a change! MLK Jr. is shouting "Shame on you!" from his grave every time the word Oreo is used the way you use it in this article.

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