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Enslaved Minded Failures

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By Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

Today's Enslaved Minded Youth (EMY) are bombarded with self-esteem attacking messages of being failures in every aspect of life. Such has occurred as far back as their Enslaved Ancestors. It began with vile "bullet messages" constantly "machine-gunned" into their minds by the captors: “don’t read”; “don’t get an education”; “don’t try to better yourself”; “don’t be ambitious”; “don’t trust each other or work together to fashion Black Power”; “don’t be uppity” (i.e. do not be like a White man—and morally that is good advice!!); “stay in your place”—meaning Black people should “be about nothing”; “fight among yourselves”; and “spend your money foolishly.” To even be suspected of violating one of these "Stay In Your Place" messages was likely to result in limbs chopped off or death. While passing through the aura of the family, EMY hear over and over by their out of control mental tape recorder: "you can't do good things and you must do self-defeating things." The resultant display of Despair and Failure is either not trying to improve or giving up quickly. In youth, I routinely see both and feel obligated to track them down in hopes getting them to do a well-paying jobs or to continue beneficial tasks. Their "One-Shot-at-me-Only" rule may show as one half-hearted attempt as, for example, making one telephone call and letting it ring three times before hanging up--and never calling again. One EMY computer businessman and webmaster is a typical example. After locating him and driving to his place to talk business, I expected him to start. Two weeks later I called and he gave me some excuse about thinking I was to do this and that. I gave him all the information I had--which I thought he should already know as a webmaster. This scenario was repeated a few times--each time with me calling him. After a while I let it go. The point: to remain aloof in business is self-dooming. By contrast, a Jewish contractor came to my home to discuss a construction project. He gave me his price and I told him it was too high. Then he started negotiating by letting me make him an offer. He kept persisting, saying he did not want to leave until we had come to an agreement. Being "pushy" is a proven technique for being successful. I know this from my having done it myself and from having it done to me.

Another success-dooming characteristic is lack of assertiveness. A friend who provides sources of scholarship to Black youth said that even when she has a guaranteed source the youth will not follow up. So she goes to their homes; takes them to the source; and helps them fill out the papers. Still another is that Black youth in general have not been taught how to work to earn what they want or to help the family or the community. To learn this skill is transferrable to every aspect of ones life. Any flaws in work skills or taking "Short-Cuts, are sure causes of failure. These youth lack successful role models who use the Spiritual Energy Package. As a boy, besides having family and community members who demonstrated this Energy Package, I would read about Black People (e.g. George Washington Carver) who did. Seemingly EMY's priority is to not disturb themselves by facing their problems--a habit sure to form failures in many areas of their lives. The "Important" is whatever helps make things increasingly better as one progresses toward the future--as opposed to focusing on pleasures of the moment (forgotten a few hours later). I was taught, and learned from personal experience, that pleasures are a by-product of production as opposed to pursuing them as a goal. Perhaps, EMY's biggest problem comes from their “negative” (i.e. self-destructive) "tape recorder" self-talk messages which lead to constructing their needless self-limitations. This reinforces bad messages about “who I am as a person--what I do--what I have--what I cannot do--and how I appear”. Each is an exaggerated, distorted fixed false belief. The old saying: "The more you learn, the more you earn; the less you know, the more you owe" still applies.

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