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Classification of Failure

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"The Tree Concept” starts putting the subject of Failure in Order with the African “SEED” of all Failures being Ignorance. Seed Ignorance is the “ignoring” of or making bad choices to avoid or not being acquainted with the Spiritual factors which provide the “5Ss” Safety, Security, Self-Confidence, Strength, and Stability. The “ROOTS” are Cause categories. Root I is “Failure” as a mental state of Being regarding the issue at hand. It consists of the false belief in a personal depletion of power and results from such extreme Despair as to shut down all ambition to self-improve. By going out of control causes it to spread into every aspect of ones life, perhaps with suicidal thoughts. Root II is a weak human (Emotional) Energy Package (of dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance) which prevents production of a meaningful work product. Because “Failure” is an Emotive word with a negative perspective, what it does is to interfere with the moving out of oneself a circumstance which I call “Emotive Failure.” Root III is a lack of will-power to stop falling down the Ladder of Power either from a dormant or from weak inner Spirit activity. If weak, it makes a half-hearted attempt to arouse and direct empowering Desires into activity; if dormant, there is no Motivational Energy aroused. The result is being entangled in vicious cycles. Root IV is proceeding down the wrong road as a result of outsiders sucking out ones spirit power (i.e. being “Defined by outsiders)whether by coercion or voluntarily. This permits others to put one on a delusional path as to what constitutes success. It manifests by Inconsistency or Insufficiency product production, or Non-performance as are common in Enslaved Minded Black Americans. Another cause of proceeding down the wrong road is the “Shiny Penny” effect whereby Oreos walk into a mindset of “Failure” in one or more areas of their lives. Root V is needlessly imposed Self-Limitations, as in incompletely or not doing what one is supposed to do to reach ones full potential. This stops ones organism type growth or fails to give birth to it--often from incorrectly believing the required task is impossible to do and thus there is no point in trying. Root VI is a Splintered Selfhood.

The “TRUNK” is the misperception of “I Can’t” and that generates: (a) Failure to Complete the task; (b) Failure to start the task; and (c) Failure to entertain starting the tasks by putting up barriers (e.g. refusing to listen to wise advice). BRANCHES are the reasons used for the “Roots” as, for example, hurt feelings, Rage, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success (that achievement will be followed by negative consequences), Fright, Depression, and Revenge (e.g. “I’ll Show you”). The LEAVES are the Es¬capes for the “Branches”. This may manifest as Fear of Leaving the Status Quo (manifesting as turtle type “Shell-protection”) or as bad work habits (e.g. taking short-cuts). The “FRUIT” is the effects which cause one to get what one does not want and not get what one does want (e.g. a problematic Self-Esteem, an Inferiority Complex, a Superiority Complex, and Self-Pity). Note: a given Root can be followed with the Tree Concept. Some of the many aspects and forms of “Failure” which manifest on many different planes of existence include: acute/ chronic; temporary/permanent; serious/mild; personal/public; metaphysical/material; miscellaneous; and components in in¬numerable combinations. Some have higher priority and re¬quire specialized management. For example, a life of Chronic Failure means it has become a fixed lifestyle very difficult to change or manage. An example of a metaphysical/material combination is the “Failure to Thrive” Syndrome--also called Maternal Deprivation; Psycho¬social Deprivation; Psychosocial Dwarfism; Hospitalism; and Attachment Disorders. Such severe impairment in the child’s emotional and physical development results when a baby has difficulties feeding because of a mother’s immaturity; psychological conflicts; or anti-love practices.

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