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Personal Power Ladder

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By Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

The Personal Power Ladder Concept spans the range from Success to Failure. As background, Ancient Africans' belief of ones Feelings representing the Will of God and Feelings are in a calm and peaceful state. By contrast, Emotions are stirred up Feelings which scatter the Spiritual Power contained in Feelings. Good Emotions (close to Feelings) are stirred clockwise and Bad Emotions are stirred counter-clockwise. Feelings, Good Emotions, or Bad Emotions can power ones Energy Package (consisting of dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance) throughout ones maze of life. The package one chooses determines the type and degree of ones success in life. Anything short of knowing one is overflowing with Spiritual Power is a delusion. Now imagine all newborns--whom I believe are born with a Spiritual (Feeling) Energy Package--see themselves as all-powerful, perhaps because their mere cry mobilizes people to immediately feed, clean, and comfort them. Not long after birth the superior forces of parental socialization gradually push their concepts of omnipotence (having unlimited and universal power) down the rungs of the Ladder of Power to thereby form three main groups. Group I members exert will-power to stop their slide shortly after falling. Despite losing some of their pre-fall personal power, they manage to keep intact a significant portion + a healthy self-esteem + a belief of having an important job to do in life. By retaining much of their birth gift Spiritual Feelings enables them to automatically face adversities with calmness; seek Truth for all decisions and solutions; and "be in a zone" with a focused, peaceful, and clear mind. This mindset is a springboard for discovering ones birth gift Mission in life; developing what it takes for Success; and then finding the niche for helping others.

Group II members fall a little further down the ladder than did Group I before finally using will-power to stop. The point of stoppage--somewhere between half way and near the bottom--determines how much negative Emotional Energy will dominate their lives. The closer they believe their fall approaches the bottom, the more they believe their pre-fall personal power to be in shambles (Moderate Failures). Thereafter, they avoid doing risky things (from a fear of failure); shut down their curiosity so as to not be tempted to do something new; and drown out all messages from the "Voice of the Silence" to get involved with their Mission. Hence, they place a low ceiling on their ambitions and busy themselves with following the patterns of whatever "the crowd" is doing rather than thinking efficiently and effectively about every little thing they do to improve. Even though their methods have not brought much success, the afflicted have adjusted to them; built a lifestyle around them; and stay "forever" in the status quo. Realizing they will never be who they are capable of being adds layers of anger, frustration, and guilt. Management: seek self-Truths and remove self-limitations.

Group III members misperceive they have experienced a “free-fall” to the ladder's bottom; declare themselves to be Extreme Failures (i.e. empty of power); and thus set in motion a "Total Failure" process. This process involves making a fantasy "mental movie"--starring themselves as the model of "no good"--a role they then "live down to" so as to complete a self-fulfilling prophecy. The “specialness” of this process is similar to a bowling ball knocking over bowling pins and the “strike” systematically dismantling ones Selfhood props. Sensing increasing powerlessness, ones Self-Love (Spiritual Energy) is shed. The lack of Self-Love pushes one into doing destructive things to oneself and to others by omission (not doing what needs to be done) and by commission (doing what ought not be done). Mental turmoil calls for "Escapes"--e.g. shopping, eating, excessive alcohol and drug intake; drifting; seeking out soothing from others; and showing envy by talking badly about the mentally free and down-grading what they do. Management: Release ones blocked Love Platter; apply Self-Love.

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