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Failure Re-Enactment Syndrome

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To "Enact" is to play the part of something. To "Re-enact" is to replay the same part over and over. When "Failure" type psycho-trauma (the Trigger Event) occurs an inflamed sensitivity is permanently impressed to create or deepen a path on ones mind. Associated is a "Circumstance" (circles around the event) consisting of--(1) emotions surrounding the Trigger Event); and (2) an aura or atmosphere surrounding the psychically traumatized mind. Upon entering the mind, a "Circumstance" (with its Trigger Event impression) is like a snapshot picture possessing magnetic powers--powers having the function of a Percept (a sensation making one aware of something). Once inside the mind that Perception is translated into a Notion (i.e. a half formed idea). In the process of developing a Percept into a mature Idea there is the generation of a magnetic force which attracts Apperceptions. Apperceptions are memories of like-kind perceptions (snapshots) previously experienced + their Circumstance emotions + what has been imagined = biased conclusions. Similar to how "Birds of a feather flock together," the newly arriving Perception + Apperceptions already in the mind form a "Mental Movie"--a movie situation whose theme is an unrealistic story of "Self-Failure."

The Mental Movie's nature (composed of the energy contained in each emotion + the energy of the aura radiating out of each emotion + the Trigger Event) is powerful enough to activate the "bad" emotions of the Trigger Event. Those emotions-- containing Rage/Anger, Fear, Fright, Frustration, and Hate--are re-experienced in full force. What flows out of this re-experiencing is the urge for Re-creating the original Trigger Event/psycho-trauma situation but for which there was never closure. The resultant reaction by ones Omnibus/Right Brain reproduces the original interactions stemming from the integration of the brain's hypothalamus and Central Nervous System's Autonomic Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System. In other words, ones present Selfhood + the bad experiences of the "Mental Movie" + the hypothalamus activity are blended and set the stage for Re-enacting "Failure" experiences.

Act I of the Re-enactment is persuading oneself that the original psycho-trauma is real in the present. Its energy "alarms" ones mindset and causes the Hypothalamus to orchestrate physiological and a host of biochemical reactions intended for instant preparation to “fight, “flee” or otherwise self-protect. Act II opens with ones Selfhood entering into the recreated "Situation" (a "fact" derived from an event and its circumstances having the power to influence behavior) and become affected by everything going on inside it. Act III is the "Self-Compassion" decision for how to deal with the original psycho-trauma by doing what one wishes one had done. Act IV is taking mental action on the decision. A self-absorbed action uses "Unnoble Self-Compassion." "Un-noble" implies a loving tool (e.g. compassion) is applied in the wrong setting or for the wrong reason or in the wrong way for an intended useful purpose that does not benefit the user or others in the best way and for the longest period of time. In fact, its effects are more likely to be adverse to ones mental, physiological, and perhaps physical being. One example is starting out by changing the facts of the original psycho-trauma into fantasy and thereby making the problem worse than it actually was. The result is adding exaggerated self-pity and rage directed toward the Trigger Person (the one causing the psycho-trauma). Such is likely to create an overwhelming situation seemingly impossible to shed. Besides, subsequent "mental movies" from Re-enactments increase the magnitude, forces, and frequency of the vicious cycle components of "Failure." Another example is choosing revenge, for this is self-destructive. However, if one uses the "Failure Re-enactment" episode to learn a lesson (as in devising an effective self-protective method) and thus self-improves, then it is a "Noble Self-Compassion" process--i.e. doing the right thing the right way.

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