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Splintered Selfhood

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By Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

The 1600s translation of the ancient Roman maxim: "Divide and rule" means to win by getting ones opponents to fight among themselves. This is a well-known European tactic which took down Africans' world domination and has been used to keep Black Americans from rising above the various poverties fashioned for them. But when Europeans apply this to themselves it is to splinter people's Selfhood in order to discipline and control them. Such is done by having Whites also "stay in their place" and thereby cage natural instincts to socialize nonaggressively with all races. Because being nonaggressive (gentle, kind, compassionate, affectionate, helpful, sociable, and empathetic) is a human nature feature, European brutes' philosophy instead is to use "Conditional Love" ("if you do not do as I say I will not love you and will isolate you from the rest of us") as a subtle conformity tool. To be separated from ones own society is powerfully intimidating. Thus, in order to conform one usually has to go against what one believes to be right, true, and beautiful. A splintered Selfhood means each "splinter" is in conflict with the other "splinters." Hence, ones "Splintered Self" consist of "splinters" which are true to the unrealistic best it knows while others are self-deceptive. And both create delusions. In other words, whatever one deems to be a need to conform is what splinters ones Selfhood--a splintering socialized into one generation after the other. Since Segregation adversely affects both the "Segregators" and the "Segregatees," Black People are similarly Selfhood splintered.

However, an essential splintering difference which originated during slavery was Europeans deeming African American Slaves as "subhuman"; then "machine-gunning" those evil messages into them by means of substituting the White man's inferior religion for the Unconditional Love teachings of the Ancient African Bible; defaming the brilliance of African Ancestral roots; and demeaning Selfhood stereotypes intended to destroy their self-esteem. Specific methods included shattering their sound African Tradition philosophy of life and brainwashing them with evil substitutes; taking away their spirit; causing them to have to go to the hated captors for their very survival; and using divide and conquer measures among the Slaves so as to break up their "second nature" connectedness, harmony, and balance. By causing each of the Enslaved to become focused into a survival way of thinking about life; be ashamed of who they are as well as Black People as a race; taking away their self-reliance skills; fashioning a Despair lifestyle based upon dealing with fear and hopelessness; not allowing them to read, write, count or solve problems; designing moral conflicts (e.g. love your enemy or kill them); etc. were each capable of causing a Splintered Selfhood. Added to this was physical brutality so severe as to force the Enslaved to dissociate the most painful part of their Selfhood from the rest of itself in order to endure. Strategies have not changed.

Since their appearance on earth some 200,000 years ago, Pre-colonial Africans lived in harmony, balance, and connectedness--for these provided the "5S's" (safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability) as sound essentials for living. However, the contrary philosophies of Europeans focused on personal separateness called Individualism ("every man for himself")--a state of being "little gods" unaccountable to higher powers and not feeling connected to anybody. Their separateness from God, Unconditional Love, and human beings has generated in them Spiritual Pain. Hence they clamor in vain to find even a tiny bit of relief from their constant mental agony, as by declaring themselves superior (the most outrageous lie ever invented by man); by greedy competitive acquisitions; and "winning" by "Taking, Killing, and Destroying"--particularly from those they envy the most (Black People). Yet, constant fear keeps life from being worth living for them. This is what racist Europeans are dedicated to producing in Black People because "misery loves company."

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