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"Failure/Set-Backs" Introduction

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Despite "Failure" being a word of daily life usage, it recently surprised me to realize I knew almost nothing about its core ideas--perhaps because I never thought of myself in terms of failing and have never labeled anyone as a "failure". When I know almost nothing about a subject of such significance it is taken on as a fun challenge. The routine is to start by learning the story of the subject's word by going through hundreds of books. The point is to discover what people all over the world and throughout the Ages say about it and why multiple ideas inside it developed. Typically, the more significant the word, the smaller the amount of information available--and amazingly, for "Failure," "Impossible," and "Caring," there was almost nothing. Besides, the one or two words found in each of only a few books do not speak to core meanings or to the plane(s) of existence to which it applies. On rare occasions where there is a discussion, it is flawed; contradictory with other experts' opinions; silent on Afrocentric concerns; and not in keeping with the Truth according to African Sages. From my knowledge of Ancient African Philosophy and being in its flow + the use of my pet Thinking Tools (e.g. the Tree Concept) + the newly found information, emerge concepts of a "skeletal" shape. This is then put in order within the context of Truth and Reality--i.e. Knowledge--as I know both to be. In this series it took writing 9 articles before I began to realize the scope of Failure/Success. Each unraveling of glob ('balled up') concepts in classifying failure provided channels into insights for diagnosis, management, how it originated in Black People, and why it continues.

A "Seed" branching into Black Peoples' "Failures" came from allowing Europeans (or anybody) to define them. It is essential to understand that these "Definers" do not know the Truth; do not know what is best for others or even themselves; have not been authorized by God to define others; and are in mental turmoil with an obsession to destroy others. They control by "Divide and Conquering" Black People + splintering their Selfhoods. Management includes knowing how flaws in word meanings that form belief systems come about. A well kept secret is that African etymologies (Denotations or literal meaning of a word when it came into existence) of life-shaping words are the most meaningful and the most borrowed by other cultures. Historically, "Borrowers" have modified meanings contained in African core thoughts and substituted flawed offspring denotations. Thus, different people in the same field; different people in different fields; different people in different cultures; different people on different rungs of the same cultural ladder each contribute their opinions about a given denotation for a life-shaping word. Under these same circumstances, how a denotation is applied leads to "different strokes for different folks" and each "stroke" represents that word's Connotation. Meanwhile, reasons why African words and their meanings are no longer readily available includes being deliberately destroyed by Europeans + Nature's destruction of records + people preferring connotations + Africans' silent on what they spiritually live (e.g. Love) or does not exist for them ("Failure"). These create great problems in discovering African Truths. Simply because "Definers" say or imply who one is does not make it true--especially if it is bad.

Conclusions I have drawn from discoveries in researching thousands of words and writing articles is that European information embraces Opinions (emotions coloring a thought); Attitudes (emotionally based inclinations); Connotations (the way the actual meaning makes one "feel" or how they emotionally react to it); and the Material planes of existence (while ignoring the Spiritual). By contrast, African Tradition focuses on "The Truth"--e.g. Knowledge (information so verified as to no longer be subjected to individual interpretation); Denotations; and Spiritual Powers giving rise to and dominating all Material planes of existence.

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