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Poor Academia (Omnibus Brain Type)

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By Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

Recall at the fishnet moment causing the Slaves' Brain Switch that the Rational Brain was put "on-hold". By no longer serving its normal function of properly disciplining the intuitive "Right Brain" allowed the right hemisphere to become somewhat undisciplined and scattered in its duties. Hence, the interaction of slavery + the Omnibus Brain + an undisciplined "Right Brain"--the OB/URB Mindset--designed focused "here and now" survival mode thinking patterns in most Slaves. Then and now it features Self-Protection--whether real, distorted or fantasy; no desire to learn or self-improve; no thoughts about the future; delusions; and a great resistance to change. The OB/URB Mindset, as it passed through the hostilities inside the Struggling Tunnel (connecting the Slaves' quarters with today's inner cities), has remained hypersensitive to any threat. Inside any atmosphere these mindsets are like video cameras which set off an alarm at the slightest hint of any perceived disharmonious or unpleasant expression or happening. Still, if there is any hint, or even doubt about a hint, they will automatically go into their survival Brain reaction. For practically all OB/URB Mindsets, the school situation is more stressful than for most other students--e.g. the “going to school and coming from school"; the recess (like a war zone in some schools); and the requirement for possessing and maintaining a command attitude and/or appearance (so as to not be taken advantage of by peers).

Being essentially concerned with the “here and now” implies a focus only on the surroundings and the people in it rather than on the subject matter at hand. Hence, survival is of higher priority than the “short attention span” given to academics. The school-work and its associated aspects are equally stressful but of a different nature. By teachers and students having been reared in “different” environments/with “different” English languages/with “different” meanings given to the same thing/and with “different” lifestyle methods, ongoing miscommunications are inevitable. In other words, teachers and students have great difficulties in “feeling each other" because of veils between them and because of being reared in non-matching life atmospheres. They are on different planes of existence. For most OB/URB students the subject matter taught is not relevant to their lives and to be in the presence of unfamiliar information in public is stressful. Irrelevant teaching material typically translates into an inability to relate to questions asked or to the text materials presented. Or, the problem may be in the realm of words. Most struggling Black students are burdened with Word Deprivation (as a carry over from slavery) and are unfamiliar with “middle class” people’s words or their meanings. The fact of these students operating out of their Ominbus Brains makes it difficult to process how even familiar words are put together by teachers, both orally and on tests. Classroom mental images can be threats. Despite not knowing history, many Black youth ‘tighten up’ from seeing “white” or “yellow” colors of Ancient Egyptians (which I often see in middle-school classrooms when giving talks to students); or from showing movies that feature Whites as the boss or hero and Blacks as servants; or from books failing to show Black people in leadership positions. They can "feel" the deception but not what to do about it.

Biochemical products of OB/URB Minds can cause such ‘fidgety’ inattentiveness to academia as to re-assign them to dooming “special classes” and placement on brain altering drugs. The best chance of wooing them is with a congenial learning atmosphere. A proven motivational message is: "you are not the person you could be and although I will help you, I will give you nothing and expect you to conform to the highest of academic standards." Teaching starts with what is of interest to them, using affect symbolic imagery methods. My 29 books discuss approaches to handling their personal problems as well as unlocking and mentoring their minds.

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