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Preparation For Grieving Hearts

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Inside the core of the Grieving Process is an inner and outer part. Inside the Inner part is the spiritual space (the Immaterial Realm) Titan and I share. By contrast, the Outer part pertains to the physical aspects (the Material Realm) of Titan. When I consult my internal spirit it tells me the Immaterial is more important than the Material. Preparation for handling the core of the Grieving Process--both inner and outer parts--involves five things. First is realizing the old sayings remain true: "And this too shall pass away"; and "if it does not kill you it will make you stronger." Second is fashioning stepping stones designed to take me out of its chaotic and emotionally painful center to a mentally normal and non-grieving mindset. Since every stepping stone has its own boundaries--inside which are its unique rules--means each is "do-able" for handling one stepping stone at a time. Such a realization is motivational for supplying strength to "keep going straight ahead." Third is for the "heart" part of me to be inside the Immaterial Realm of the Trigger Core while the "head" outer part assumes the role of a newspaper reporter. The role of a reporter is to be an objective observer while in the process of gathering the truth. To engage even briefly in being a reporter is a way for me to get on the proper path to grieving before stepping into the Immaterial Realm. So, what am I observing? Answer: As a life's rule, every one of my experiences is looked at from the perspective of learning some lesson (e.g. what to do; how to do it better; what not to do; using pieces to construct something better). The process involves scrutinizing the experience as well as collecting information from all available sources to detect whatever lessons lend themselves to teaching. Next, as part of continuing to look outside myself I share the lesson (e.g. how I eased the suffering process) with those interested. Sharing is a powerful tool for lifting me outside the Grieving Process and for cementing in my mind the lessons learned.

Fourth and fifth, in the role of a reporter, to stand back from the experience provides the possibility for seeing the reality of everything surrounding the Trigger Core. As a result, I am better able to properly classify the degree of my Grieving Process into a Mild, Slight, Moderate, and Extreme category. Selecting a degree enables me to set a length of time for staying in its interior. Otherwise, my grieving could go on forever. For example, I allow my grieving emotional complex to last 30 seconds for something Mild or Slight. For something Moderate, a few hours is allotted to be inside the grieving process; and for something Severe, a full day. Regardless of category, during the self-designated "wallowing" time period I engage in all the self-pity and anger and fears and fright tumbling over and over in my mind. At its exact time completion I say: "the statute of limitations has run out for Immaterial grieving and it is now time to start getting out of this mindset." Special things--like grieving for being abandoned--may have elements of the Grieving Process for a lifetime, unless a concerted effort is made to come to terms with it by containing it, if it cannot be shed.

This is a time to check out my tools for recovery so they will be ready at the proper time. Nevertheless, regardless of the cause of Chronic Grief, the beginning of shedding it involves several generic steps. Not to do so can adversely alter the course of my life and cause failures in all sorts of seemingly unrelated situations. Foundational to management is Self-Love because it does not permit doing harm to myself or to others. This means it does not permit self-destructive emotions (e.g. prolonged enragement). It dictates, where applicable, the forgiveness of others and myself because both are fundamental to getting on the path to a free mind. Next, to climb out of the mental hole of Chronic Grief, I start by simply accepting my Grief as it is so as to put me on solid ground. Embracing the natural part of my Grief allows me to use my Spiritual Immune System and its truths to face and shed what is unnatural.


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