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Grief's Immune System

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"It is normal to be healthy and abnormal to be sick." This statement really impressed me as a boy and led to seek its deeper meaning. Help came from my friend Linwood Paul conveying to me his observations of how I limit the expansiveness of my grief. One, he said, is looking outside myself to help others. Another is invariably calling on my entourage of spiritual forces during the Grieving Process. Just as every human being's health status is largely due to his/her natural immune system's success in fighting what is physically unhealthy, by inference I believe everyone has an entourage of spiritual forces to battle whatever is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unhealthy. My entourage includes Jann (my personal genie); my Spirit Guides (assigned to me at birth); and my Ancestors. Together, they help provide the "immunity" which keeps my Grief on its natural path while fighting whatever is not natural. A medical meaning of "Immunity" is exemption from disease (i.e. ill at ease) and this is what a healthy physical and metaphysical immune system does, unless the Griever over-rules it. Supporting these outer spiritual forces is my own inner spirit force. By contrast, there are inner and outside bad forces contributing to making Grief more difficult than it need be. Bad inner Grief (e.g. excessive emotional turmoil) has the ability to hamper motivation to create, enhance, or maintain harmony. An example of a bad outer Grief force is the increased juggling from failing to properly handle the ongoing problems of life. Good inner Grief forces allow one to release built up Emotional and Spiritual Pain (resulting from a temporary disturbance in ones Love flow). This is truly aided from without by compassion (not sympathy) from other people.

Assuming human beings have a healthy spiritual Grief Immune System designed to impose proper limits on natural grieving, a question is "how does this work?" My answer is based upon teachings of Ancient African Sages. They said control of the normal state of health is administered through ones Instincts (i.e. System of Feelings working in conjunction with ones autonomic nervous system) which express the Will of God. The following are how I help my metaphysical immune system work to fight bad Grief forces. Step I is gathering my thoughts and observations of friends in order to detect possible causes contributing to my grief. Step II is dismantling my Grief related Apperceptions and analyzing each of its parts. An Apperception is the result of bringing together a mass of ideas already in the mind to thereby form a new perception--a sort of synthesis of like-kind memories. Step III: Analysis of each part is done to discern even very slight differences in what is confusing or misleading in appearances or what constitutes unreality. By so doing, I usually see obvious things I was blind to up to this point. Step IV is searching for causative potential possibilities or probabilities into what is or could be causing me to be stuck in an unhealthy state. Step V is determining who originated the bad effects--the Trigger Person or circumstances or me. Step VI is trying to find something good in the bad.

Regardless of how it originated, experience has taught me the greatest creator of my grief is me. Furthermore, as the grieving individual, I am responsible for handling my grief + any of its pre-existing or ongoing problems (e.g. melancholy or sorrow) + any of its causes (e.g. being chronically out of control emotionally) which complicates the process. To rise above the bad so as to be in a better position to correct problems in the Grieving Process I take charge and control by inviting my Spiritual Entourage to help in guidance. Simultaneously, I actively pursue whatever generates "Aliveness"--as occurs from humor and being in Nature--for both help my immune system. Along the path of "Aliveness" I focus on creating multiple small successes designed to make my life and the lives of others a bit better every day. Such a process helps keep grieving from becoming chronic.


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