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Hope In Spiritual Realms

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The yearning inside Hope can be of a Spiritual/Material World nature; be of an acute/chronic nature; and have a viable/non-viable chance of happening. Ancient Africans believed human beings have a guarantee for their dignity and Divinity higher than their own authority. Those who refused to accept this and declare themselves to be their own authority disconnect from the Cosmic Organism. This disconnection causes them to be misguided into an Earth World orientation and the pursuit of things of Value--whatever has a "price tag" importance pertaining to money, power, status, fame, or appearance. In turn, greedy attempts to acquire these false realities drive them to generate fetters (hateful thoughts and evil deeds). By contrast, those who accept and stay connected with the Higher Powered Authority and their Real Self (inner Spirit) are about a healthy balance between material things and "heavenly" achievements. In this "heavenly" realm of Worth one intensely desires to do "be right," "do right," "make right," and prevent wrong within the frame of Love and peace, orchestrated by wisdom. The tow-rope along this path is the Spiritual Hope of African Tradition--a tow-rope consisting of Unconditional Love--a tow-rope vastly different from that used by those pursuing the various deceptive forms of Material Realm Hope.

To elaborate on Spiritual Hope's features is to know yearning or desire concerns something in the future and therefore everything about Hope is in the future. Second, Hope possesses a yearning to acquire something lacking; to get rid of something unwanted; to regain something lost; or to get around obstacles. Third, Hope possesses Mild, Slight, Moderate, or Extreme degrees of both energy intensity and viability (able to live). Fourth, Hope may have a duration ranging from momentary to an indefinite period of time. The Spiritually "Hopeful" pour Desire Energy into: (a) yearning for an unrealized potential for a specific loving happening or for an unrealized potential for a specific evil to be aborted before maturing; (b) with the expectation of its attainment; and (c) employing Faith as the vehicle for bridging the present with an unrealized but realistic future. How could this work?

In Ancient African's Spiritual Literature on Cosmic Creation mention is made of the Subjective Realm being without objects but is teeming with potential possibilities to evolve into the Material Realm. I propose there is also a "Future" Subjective Realm possessing the same features of being an unrealized reality containing potential possibilities capable of evolving into the Material Realm and meeting when the future becomes the present. Could this be where Spiritual Hope operates by uniting with Ma'at (Love in action) so as to stimulate pertinent potential possibilities to start evolving into reality? Such happens, I believe, when anything loving individuals hope for also possess a greater good to presently or eventually benefit others. Indeed, it is not possible to love oneself and love ones neighbor without hoping all concerned share in the future good--a "Win-Win" concept of African Tradition. What I can personally verify is the following: First, my Selfless Service work is filled with Hope, perhaps situated in my Astral Body--the home of my "Mind's Eye" ("Third Eye") which is in communication with Higher Powers for "win-win" purposes. Second, upon becoming bogged down, invariably a "Helping Hand" appears out of "nowhere" to supply me with just what is needed. Maybe how this works is instead of using my bodily eyes to see what is before me, my Mind’s eye sees the heart of the problem; sends my "Hope" request to the "Future" Subjective Realm; and the appropriate potential possibility starts evolving into what will make my Hope a success--perhaps by means of "Helping Hands". To summarize, I define "Future" Subjective Realm Hope as consisting of ones Spiritual Desire for a specific loving potential possibility existing in the future and having a realistic chance of evolving into present reality.


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