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An African Story Of Hope

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Ancient Africans said the importance of ones character and how one lives are fundamental to the differences between people or between an individual's successful and unsuccessful life. Character's foundation is in the inner recesses of ones mind and out of the content in the recesses branch pathways and patterns contributing to how one thinks, feels, expresses, and behaves. In many Black Americans part of these contents is Hope, Hopelessness, Despair, and Grief. Though much is said of these words, their recognition or a full understanding of their true meanings may be lacking. For example, Hope's unusualness--by straddling the present and future (which is non-existent)--is essential for ones sanity. Whether one has a good or bad course of life, one lives in it by evolving toward the future. Thus, what one waits (or Hope) for in the process and ones manner of waiting largely shapes how one goes through the maze of life. Success or failure depends upon ones type of Hopes (e.g. loving or non-loving) and whether or not those Hopes are attached to ones spirit (which is present inside ones Real Self/Higher Power connection).

As background, Ancient Africans believed their outstanding deceased family Ancestors returned to the family's awareness as an imperishable star (godly spirit)--the place of eternal blessedness for which all living family members longed. Furthermore, by studying the stars with the help of Astrologers and Seers and finding the family Lucky Star, they would reconnect with their dead Ancestor and thereafter be guided into good and away from bad. The feature of the Lucky Star was said to be its twinkling--a reassuring clue for knowing their Ancestors' eyes were looking down on the family in a protective manner. "Yearning for" (i.e. longing with restless eagerness) messages from their Ancestors had Desire (concentrated emotional cravings) as its driving force. Desire (to anticipate) is “coiled-up energy” and, like a coiled-up spring, is always in a state of “tension”--making it the true emotive power of Hope. For Ancient Africans the word "Emotive" referred to movement of the spirit (e.g. inside Spiritual Hope). When people yearned to find their “Lucky Star,” the expectation of receiving it was called "Hope." But "yearning" was always associated with uncertainty, anxiousness, and frustration because the Ancestor's message was not immediately within the family's Hopeful grasp. To have "Good Luck" meant the stars and planets had to be positioned just right. Of course, there was always the risk of meeting an improper pattern in the sky; misinterpreting the right pattern; family members not being attached to their inner eternal Spirit; having Desires checkered with evil intentions; or engaging in Wishful Hoping. If any of these were present the family would not find their Lucky Star and the consequence was a "Disaster" (ill-starred)--meaning being subject to 'malevolent astral influences' and Bad Luck. The most common problem was failing to distinguish "Wishing" from Hope. Wishing concerns dreaming for something not possible to grasp because it does not exist as a potential possibility in the future and thus is non-viable (unable to live). To engage in Wishing is a waste of time and energy. However, Wishing + realism = Hope.

From this story please note three important things. First, how the family of the deceased intensely desired to find a specific potential possibility (their Ancestor's personal Lucky Star) containing the unrealized assumed reality of their Ancestor's messages. To make this happen they searched the stars (a reality) with expectations of receiving them (Hope). This process of a Desire for a specific loving thing possessing the potential possibility to evolve out of its unrealized reality constitutes Spiritual Hope. Second, associated with this is to do something which can help make Hope become a reality. Third, desiring something with a fetter (non-loving) orientation constitutes Material Realm Hope--a type which generates disharmony or a non-truth.


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0 # Ernest Taylor 2012-12-29 11:59
Dr Bailey you seem like a well educated man because I see at the end of your name M.D. and I applaud you or more appropriately I congratulate you on your success. If many Black American have a misunderstanding of character and hope, Do you have a plan you wish to share with Black Americans to put them on the right path?

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