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Summary of Diagnosing Juggling

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Whereas Balancing, for achievement and for the maintenance of a state of harmony, involves multi-tasking in daily activities, Chronic Juggling's chaotic multi-tasking is for a survival that maintains the status quo. Jugglers are Be-ers (people-persons who live to spend time with each other) and Balancers are Doers (those who believe they were put on earth to do things to improve and to actively work on their Mission in life). Jugglers' chaos derives from allowing needless hardships to happen or failing to prevent needless hardships from occurring. The seed for chronic juggling in Black Americans began in slavery from the Slaves having no knowledge of the ways of the European captors; from adverse reactions to the captors (e.g. no desire to be efficient or effective); from reactions to enslavement (e.g. slow pace in working, walking, and doing almost anything; "Make Do"); and from their situation (e.g. "killing time while waiting to die" in the setting of non-ambitious socializing). White terrorism prevented Black people from "getting out of their place"; kept them from knowledge about how manage, use, or save money because of jobs not being available; and kept them away from education and thriving. Black Americans continued through the "Struggling Tunnel" (the metaphorical passageway connecting the Slave quarters with today's inner cities) and inside this tunnel, especially starting in the 20th century, Slave and ex-Slave Survivals budded and branched into the Juggling Syndrome Problems--those of a Mainstream, Satellite, Offshoot nature. These led to self-protective barriers, coping and defense mechanism, Escapes (e.g. addictions to drugs, cell-phones), and "hanging out" inside a Status quo Delusional world.

Thus, everything Black American Jugglers do is designed to keep them in the status quo. One group is Slave derived attitudes which enabled them to endure but, as applied by today's descendants, they are self-defeating. Another is the false belief of being on earth to suffer when in reality the objective is to prosper. A way for Jugglers to start knowing who they are is for them to become the shadow of their Enslaved and ex-Slave Ancestors to see what they did and, from that position, look to see the part they are playing in carrying on those problems. This may cause them to see that only they are the solution for their problems. The process of correction starts with becoming aware of and internalizing African type Love as the frame out of which decisions and solutions are made. From that alone one will recognize how important ones talent is to the world. The next essential is to know oneself, the situation, and the enemy. Inside that chaos find the Keystone problem and its Satellites. Chronic Juggling is a bad habit that is corrected by a number of things that seem "normal" and "right" to the Juggler but are terribly detrimental--things like waste in every area of their lives; not paying attention to detail; multi-tasking; talking more than needed to find out the problems demanding attention; not devoting the 85% of time needed for solving the problems; and failing to face the truth.

In preparation for getting specific in management, understand that the generic process is to be aware of all the aspects contributing to Chronic Juggling; facing each squarely; extracting the lesson from it; making improvements on how to carry out the lesson; and immediately applying the improved version in some situation that heads towards a solution. This requires thinking of every little thing you do; becoming aware of what is most important (and not the ones presently keeping one busy); learning how to be efficient and effective; handling little things well; handle problems when they arise with full focus and stay with it and without taking breaks before essentials are done. When uncertain as to what to do, place the greatest attention where there is the best chance of the greatest improvement.


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