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Status Quo Ensures Juggling

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Everything Black American jugglers do is designed to keep them in the status quo. Status quo (existing state of affairs) means staying fixed in and preserving present conditions. This is like a whirlpool whose configuration stays the same because it is maintained by what is constantly entering and leaving. Malcolm X said: "the Status Quo is the enemy of Black Americans, representing everything bad that could and does occur to them.

The Status Quo is supported and maintained by a series of symbolic themes" -- which Malcolm called Myths--"serving as models and meanings for struggling Black people's future" thoughts, feelings, expressions, and behaviors. One has learned the status quo mentality from "socialization." All those involved believe they are "right" in what they are doing and without realizing they are holding each other down. By failing to recognize or admit they are in the status quo causes many to deem wrong anyone recommending change. In response, they say: "What makes you think you are right and I am wrong?" They will never know the treasures they are missing by remaining in the status quo. Also, when asked: "Are you better off this month than last month and this year than the year before that?" Jugglers' weak answers might be: "I am mentally better or have a better place to live." Becoming better off only occurs in the process of rising out of the status quo (e.g. enrolled in school; following the plan of an expert). What one is doing in believing one is right inside the Delusional World of the status quo is teaching ones children and all those under ones influence the patterns for living that keep everyone involved in poverty.

A useful clue for predicting a potential Chronic Juggler doomed for the status quo is during a conversation the suspect is unable to focus on a topic for more than a few moments. While in a "heavy" discussion the suspect might suddenly interrupt to say: "That color looks good on you" or "Listen to the bird." To immediately shift to focusing on attractive distractions indicates the suspect's depth of thought is shallow. Furthermore, if the suspect interrupts to make a statement before the speaker completes a thought, then that indicates an undisciplined mind with a Right Brain orientation, perhaps as a result of being a multitasker. These are features of individuals destined to be a fixture inside the status quo because those features prevent seeing deeper than the superficial; prevent locating and staying with pertinent ideas in the discussion; and prevent maneuvering and manipulating good ideas into a position whereby interrelationships leading to insights can be seen. Insights give powerful meanings to the entire discussion and clear a path that enables tough decision-making or problem-solving.

Meanwhile, if these flaws in thinking are brought to their attention, the response is: "I heard everything you said before commenting on your looks." Such indicates they have focused on mere information (which easily fades away) and failed to realize they may have missed an opportunity to "stretch" mentally.

These status quo/jugglers have a particularly hard time breaking out of both the status quo and juggling because of, from never having ever done anything like it, not knowing what to do. Malcolm X's approach to correction was to identify all significant Myths; determine their purpose, author, and origin; and come up with a workable anti-dote for them (Hank Flick, J. Black Studies 1981 12: 166). Change starts by putting "on hold" what one believes to be "right"; by considering words of the wise; and by being in the process of change (e.g. taking educational or vocational courses that promise a better financial future and/or rising from their Lower Self to their Higher Self). Being in a status quo/juggler position will not allow those to happen. Educating them into African Tradition (and most are unaware of it) includes spotlighting that they were born with a unique talent needing discovery, development, and a niche where their talent and Mission in life can flower.


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