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Daily Life of Jugglers

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Fireworks display in the night sky by filling the air with light, color, smoke, and noise. After shooting one ball of fire after another, suddenly a deep, booming explosion is heard--followed by a series of short, popping explosions. Then the fountains go off and burst in showers of stars before disintegrating from lack of energy. Ms. Riddlespriger uses this as a metaphor for Jugglers' spending their lives "running here and there," like a chicken with her head cut off--meaning the display of a non-descript pattern of firework-like frenzy before collapsing. Examples of "a lot of little things" which together give one the feeling of doom everyday include juggling to pay bills or getting money to pay for gasoline for the car or to buy a bus card. Credit problems are ever present and thereby prevent the Juggler from buying a car. Because of transportation problems in getting to work and in getting home it is necessary to rent a car and get insurance--both big expenses. Meanwhile, the shower knob breaks and there are Satellite problems (e.g. court proceedings or traumatic issues). Not being able to afford a computer puts one behind the speed of business progress. The worry over all of this is so great as to cause one to oversleep and therefore not make necessary telephone calls or get to appointments. In hopes of momentary relief various "Escapes" are resorted to that are not in ones best interest or that use up valuable time. The expending of so much energy just prior to "Juggler's Burn-Out" means they do not have the time or interest to do needed or luxury things for themselves. Mom is working too hard to see her kids; or cannot supply even adequate essentials. And whatever the kids have is slow in coming and/or their possessions are worn out. Or, she cannot afford to move out of an undesirable environment or cannot give her kids the life skills they need.

What is happening in this scenario is the Law of Attraction, meaning whatever you think, feel, say, or do you attract supportive like-kind things or their opposites. For example, if you fashion on your own or accept some self-defeating Attitude, then that "seed" evolves on its own, while at the same time attracting like-kind Attitudes to it (Satellite Attitudes). What is going on inside the Jugglers' chronically frustrated minds include frustration; an assortment of bad emotions; and a depressive defense consisting of prematurely admitting defeat which leads to a low self-worth (e.g. “I am not good enough”) and a much lower self-value (“what I have to offer the world is useless”) presentation. By being ashamed to speak of it to oneself and/or to others and by being vaguely aware it is not natural to feel this way, Jugglers repress these bad thoughts into the inner recesses of their minds where they cause "weird" behaviors without the Juggler's intention or even awareness.

Jugglers' Self-Absorption is part of the Omnibus Brain's Urgent way of dealing with life--meaning it is about living daily in the "here and now" where ones orientation is totally devoted to survival, self-preservation, and self-protection. Chronic fatigue, frustration, and Self-Absorption may cause the afflicted to become susceptible to "No good people" who are showing "stuff" that opens them to drug dealers (those glorified because they, as opposed to the working guy, have the money the afflicted lack). The 15 year old girl might resort to sex in exchange for money or even to simply make it through the day. As this is becoming a way of life, the combination of the "Seed" Attitude and its Satellites are being used as a filter to shape how one thinks, feels, expresses, and does things. Jugglers who cannot figure out how to rise above their bottomless pit may look to a "quick fix," as in various types of "Escapes." Anyone of these mindset problems can lead to self-defeating habits that worsen to such a degree as to start making petty crime look tempting. Or, the afflicted may become so overwhelmed as to become "numb," apathetic, and/or even suicidal.


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