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Off-Shoot Problems From Juggling

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After describing the Africans' capture from the motherland and the horrible ordeal of the Middle Passage, Huggins (Black Odyssey, p. 49) commented on the Slaves' resultant Mindset Burn-out leading to Off-Shoot problems and Mental Escapes. To paraphrase: The Slaves’ sense of personal tragedy and private misfortune was diluted and washed away as one became mixed with and overwhelmed by the lesser and the prior ones. The Slaves were kept exhausted and underfed in body and spirit -- too benumbed to hope for more than the end of the ordeal and of the nightmare. They had already been transported beyond the bounds of known or imagined sensibility so that each new insult was like a load added to a camel’s back on his way to giving up on life and becoming apathetic. What branched out of this mindset, combined with the effects of the Slaves automatically using their Instinct or Omnibus Brains, included fashioning coping and defense mechanisms based upon experiencing things being done to them; making interpretations about the causes and effects of their pain and suffering; and acting and reacting based upon their interpretations and their reality.

Out of apathetic mindsets emerge certain patterns of behaving--patterns driven by Emotional Energy (as opposed to the preferred Spiritual Energy) funneling thoughts and emotions through their respective mind committee. The names of those committee members are: Dedication (which selects what is cared about); Commitment (which determines if a Juggler becomes one with what is cared about); Loyal (which decides if one will stick like glue to a Goal and Purpose no matter what); Determination (which set limits within which one will act); Persistence (which is responsible for holding fast to ones Purpose and Goal); and Perseverance (the governor of whether one will continue ruthlessly in the face of opposing forces, set-backs, and momentary failures). In apathetic Jugglers' an example of an off-shoot problem is in them trying to handle the academic handicaps of their struggling Black children--struggling largely contributed to by the children imitating the thinking habits of their parents. These parents initially may have to juggle where to spend the most time--on their children or on getting interested in their children's education or in reading to them. What they do not realize is that although all of these are important, the greatest attention is to be placed where there is the best chance of the greatest improvement. Apart from providing a safe environment, I believe the greatest improvement is working on getting their children motivated to want to "be Somebody" and then determined to achieve it.

Instead, many such Apathetic minds seek to "Escape" responsibility and "Escapes" worsen juggling. Originally, the 14th century English word “Escape” literally meant to “take off ones cloak” to metaphorically signify “throwing off restraint.” By the 15th century it had expanded into the realm of "Evasions" (forms just less than willful destruction of mental functioning--a concept derived during slavery). Since then, the atmosphere associated with "Escape" connotes danger and threat, especially in relation to personal freedom and to the exercise of independent movement. In other words, one "escapes" in order to avoid danger, pursuit, or observation; to get free from confinement; or to regain liberty. Today, in a mental sense, the word “Escape” implies the use of thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions, and/or behaviors allowing one to gain mental or physical "freedom" when one has a sense of being mentally or physically trapped. Examples of offshoot problem "Escapes" include Cell Phone and TV Addictions; excessive intake of alcohol and street drugs; excessive pursuits of partying or sexual encounters; and/or compensations (by “acting a fool,” fighting, engaging in superficial pleasures and “being about nothing”). What is needed is for these Juggler "Be-ers" to start reversing the Juggling Syndrome--and that demands a strong desire to bring about change in their belief system.


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