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Internet/Television/Video Addiction

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Two forms of Multi-Tasking are the Mainstream "Daily Living" type (done with things associated with the Trigger Category, Trigger Problem and/or Trigger Obstacle) and the "Detour" type (resulting from being struck by attractive distractions initially unrelated to the Juggling Syndrome). Within the "Daily Living" type is a clue of what constitutes ones Keystone Problem.

Otherwise both forms, often working together, provide a momentary "soothing" that becomes addicting, similar to the "fix" from drug addiction or "getting drunk" or "partying." An Addiction is the "giving over" of oneself to something else and relinquishing all self-control to that which is thereby awarded. Observation suggests that addictions are basically obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are the full and persistent concentration on an irresistible idea, urge, emotion, or thought—as if one is a Slave to that thought as well as to the activity generated by that thought. Obsessive thoughts fill up “space” in the mind that could be better used for something else. Such concentration generates so much thought energy that it activates Compulsions (i.e. urges to act on carrying out the dictates of the obsession). That is, the act takes on an unwarranted importance and urgency—and to the point of becoming ones god and ones slave driver. The degree of addiction--ranging from mild to extreme--depends upon the amount of destruction one does to oneself and/or to others. Some, like internet addiction, are extremely subtle.

Stress from any cause (e.g. being overwhelmed and frustrated) that leads to Multi-tasking of any type (e.g. surfing the internet or using cell-phones incessantly) becomes an addiction whereby a little bit produces a craving for more and more of that type of multi-tasking until eventually the situation gets out of control. An offshoot is that it leads to or aggravates juggling. When internet addictions (or addictions of any type) are reduced to their essential components, they have three basic aspects. First is the initial potentiality of a thing to induce an altered mental state within the individual. What generates the initial potential is a sense of incompetence and an urge to "Escape" ("chilling out" and playing interactive games) or a reactive superiority complex from virtual living inside the internet. Second is the urge to keep repeating what it takes to induce this altered state. Third, the development of an addiction involves a simultaneous process of an increased focus on and engagement in a particular behavior and the attenuation (weakening) or "shutting down" of other behaviors. Then these addicts tend to self-protect the addiction itself by not doing anything more important than participating on the internet. One reason is that multi-tasking aggressively pursues and grabs ones attention. In the process, one flits from one thing to a suddenly appearing more exciting thing--a practice that scatters attention and causes one to lose the ability to focus--a loss that so molds the brain.

By purposely developing non-focused attention, as occurs with multi-tasking, means that person is unable to spend enough time on any one thing to get even one job done well. It also keeps one from finding a way to get jobs done--or done well. By having scattered attention means any applicable thoughts, approaches, and/or methods are superficially produced. Multi-tasking can lead one into the necessity for juggling so as to make up for procrastination or for the mistakes made from not doing the various jobs right the first time or not doing the job on time. A susceptibility to multi-tasking may be from the direct habits of ex-Slave Ancestors; from following ones crowd; from being copy-cats of White people; and/or from European created delusions. Since such a high percentage of (struggling) Black Americans use their Omnibus Brain, this brain preference automatically calls for a need to self-protect by means of the "security" provided by friends who are doing the same type of things. Internet addiction is a means of avoiding important things.


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