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Jugglers' Cell Phone Addiction

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The motivation for any addiction is from the anticipated excitement (which fades with constant repetition) or the anticipation of the momentary lessening of ones problems. When one is unable to stop multi-tasking (e.g. video games) or using cell-phones while making conscious or unconscious excuses to do so, one is addicted. I believe this to be an Omnibus Brain type of obsession and compulsion. Since the brain's circuits for fear and anxiety in the Omnibus Brain are so closely related to Rage, whoever or whatever tries to interfere with ones addicting momentary pleasures can lead one into a superimposed Rage Addiction. As a boy my observations were that much of Black Folks conversations dealt with their pain and suffering and those conversations were repeated over and over--and without solutions. Each let the other say what needed to be said, regardless of how it was said, while tolerating a great deal of "stuff" arising out of mental turmoil. Even when an afflicted person was obviously inflicting unjust things on a victim, the afflicter's friends were supportive of the verbal attacks or wrong doings and would, in turn, attack the victim. Although this form of protective caring and support for the Private Self of the afflicted was absolutely necessary during slavery and the ex-slavery period, today it is directly opposite to what is needed to help the afflicted come to terms with the causes of and solutions for juggling. Benefits came from soothing and supporting the afflicted by sympathy and empathy (which has nothing to do with overcoming daily obstacles); the bad, from not steering the afflicted toward corrective practices designed to reduce chronic problems.

Excessive talking is the single most important cause of chronic strugglers thinking they are "too busy" to do what needs to be done or to do the job right. Besides, talking about "stuff" burns up a tremendous amount of energy--energy Jugglers can ill afford to lose--energy that tires out Jugglers before they get to their "real" problems, especially those needing immediate and complete attention. In discussions among friend's, the prevailing comments are typically concerned only with the "here and now" activities of daily living. Much too often the quality level of the information centers on illusion interpretations and flawed opinions given by the one talking--and with no attempt to see the opposite point of view or to seek the truth. These friends might express opinions about any problem brought up, even though they have never seen nor heard of the problem before. Thus, the opinions expressed lack insight and direction; lack attention to details capable of bringing about life-shaping changes; and lack solution oriented steps. By Jugglers talking when they should be thinking implies what they think about is superficial (like on face-book) and causing them to embrace problems not worth it and/or that are not in their best interest. And nothing gets done!

Both Talking incessantly about the problem and Multi-tasking are illusions (interpretations outside reality) when people confuse these activities with progress and thereby falsely believe they are getting a "lot of things" done in one period of time--but they cannot say how. Yet, neither are advances toward resolving their Keystone Problem where action is most needed. Neither puts them on the path of reducing their chronic juggling; or gives any meaningful understanding in how to deal with juggling; or provides any lingering sense of satisfaction. Ms. Riddlespriger describes this activity as "pressing your foot hard on the gas pedal but the gear is in neutral."

By contrast, in a hospital emergency room situation talk between the physician and patient is done simply to get just enough information to pin-point the specific problem. Once that Keystone problem is determined, immediate action is taken toward curing the patient or at least doing what can be done to lessen the problem. Additional information is gained and soothing conversation engaged in when the emergency is over. It is all about proper proportions, with the Keystone getting 85% of ones best.


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