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Causes/Effects Of Juggling

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Frustration occurs when a destination is interrupted before its completion and this may be as a Cause or as an Effect of the Juggling Syndrome. Hence, ones focus is internally directed rather than outwardly toward the objective world. To be chronically frustrated is to possess a nagging sense of inner emptiness; an identity crisis; and a mental state of being lost inside chaos.  One does not know what is important or "what does and does not matter"; does not know how to properly judge priorities; does not care about ones values and morals; and does not think of oneself as important, useful, or powerful. These lead to a lack of Accountability--i.e. no striving to live to a higher standard. Without question chronic frustration has wide behavioral ramifications; causes problematic intellectual functioning; and is often a driving force behind impulsiveness, restlessness, dissention, destructiveness, increased intra-group unity (clannishness), and aggression against outsiders. The Frustrated are in a high state of negative Emotional Energy and high tension that displays, for example, as loudness in talking and stuttering. Youth can even be stirred by symbols--like the colors of the “Crips” and the “Bloods”--which bring to mind and embellishes their awful environmental situation, causing "Mutual Scapegoat" battles. Many of these youth react this way because of "Word Deprivation" and because they see no way to reach their dream of getting an education or being successful in a career. The mood of the chronically frustrated is the lack of a great deal of laughing, smiling, gleefulness, or playfulness. There is a temperament of hypersensitivity, similar to that of a "raw nerve."

Failing to think about what one is doing in activities of daily living is a major cause of frustration. In Cause/Effect of Jugglers, "Little Things Mean a Lot." First is the tremendous waste of little things--throwing away little bits of left- over food; turning on more lights than needed; turning up the heat when simply putting on warmer clothes will do; not turning off lights or air conditioning and heating when not needed or doing the same for the entire house when staying in only one room; letting the water run while lathering your hands with soap; throwing good water down the drain that could be used to water the flowers; using two or three sheets of paper towels when one would do or, better yet, using a dish rag is cheaper; buying a jar of something and only using one tablespoon of it and then letting it spoil; using too much saran wrap and plastic storage bags. Associated with this are poor shopping habits, as in buying what is not needed and paying more than it is worth or not clipping coupons. Suppose Titan visits Sandy and Sandy asks Titan to go buy some fish and hands him a $50 bill (because she had nothing smaller). Titan goes and buys 4 packages of margarine; three sticks of butter; salad dressing; sauce; milk, several onions, garlic, and a bunch of other things along with the fish. It just so happens that Sandy did not need anything but fish and never uses margarine, butter, milk, salad dressing or garlic--and she had onions. All of these extra things go to waste simply because Titan was buying for himself--and he spend all of her money. Pause to think of all the things you do without thinking that contribute to waste and hence to juggling. The point is that chronic frustration causes the afflicted to not care enough about essentials for living and that is a Keystone cause of the Effects of Juggling.

Second, waste comes from being disorganized: looking for keys; in not arriving on time (and missing the orientation and the handouts). Third, struggling jugglers insist on doing things they are not suppose to do--and each one knows what this is (e.g. going to the party rather than studying for the test or reading to the children). Chronically doing wasteful little things automatically leads to waste in significant big things. All wastefulness in struggling people contributes greatly to the cause, enhancement, and maintenance as well as the making of Jugglers resistant to change.


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