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Diagnosing Keystone Problems

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Because a Juggler is dealing with so many problems within several categories, the Keystone Problems in each need to be detected and prioritized. This is like selecting the MVP (most valuable player) from the best of the all-star basketball players at Titan Middle School. The Jugglers Syndrome's Keystone player is likewise the MVP (Most Vital Player). To locate each Keystone Problem within oneself and/or within a given compartment of ones life may require going through all the multiple mindset thinking flaws and multiple flawed practices afflicting the Juggler. What is found may be some significant Loss (e.g. disconnected from Spiritual Energy or loss of Self-Efficacy); Lack (e.g. a Dream, money, courage), or Obstruction (e.g. denial of the problems, procrastination) inherent in initiating the syndrome. Carefully examine the part you played in causing the problems because that is easily and often deliberately by-passed and may be the key to correcting the Syndrome. Perhaps it is a false belief of things seeming to be beyond your control; or from inviting or failing to prevent needless hardships; or from laziness; or from poor decisions; or from simply not knowing what to do; or from leaving your job up to others. Examples of multiple flawed practices and samples of Satellite Category Keystone Problems are one or more things "Displaced" (not being in the place they are suppose to be); Misplaced (things in a place they are not suppose to be); Mislaid (things not located); and Deranged (one or more parts rearranged or recombined improperly in a regulate system with consequent confusion). Look at whatever is flawed from more than your point of view, for out of this will come more Options of what the Keystone problem or solution may be.

Keystone Satellite Problems may be from outside world Disturbances--forces or influences which chronically unsettle harmony or which worsen what is already Disarranged. Categories of big things are "Acts of God" and Racism (as a direct or indirect cause) and both must be worked around. An analogy for small causes is that of a magnetic needle being disturbed by the presence of iron. What things around you keep you mentally off-balance? Nevertheless, to remain in control of getting out of the Juggling Syndrome the Juggler must assume responsibility for the combination of problems present as being caused by or contributed to by his/her omissions (failing to do what should be done) or commissions (doing what ought not be done). However, this is not to imply that the afflicted are to blame, especially if this was not a free will choice (as by being socialized into them or if it is "normal" in the community) or the choice was made under unconscious duress to "go along so as to get along" in ones peer group. Still, there is no substitute for clearing your mind of all emotional junk, including blaming others, and examining why you have chronic problems.

Troubleshooting for causes is done by examining each problem in order to discover the Keystone Problem in each compartment and the MVP of them all. For example, although the primary mindset thinking flaw in one compartment is not working smart and the flaw in another is procrastinating, the MVP Keystone problem affecting all other Keystone Problems is a lack of money. However, the Trigger Obstacle may be unreliable transportation. Whatever is the single most important thing within the Juggling Syndrome handle that first (e.g. getting proper transportation) for it might solve many other problems in different categories. Creatively coming up with Options is the key, as in: working out some barter system with a co-worker to provide transportation to and from work while you offer, in exchange, to do this or that; finding a bicycle path and ride that to work (I once saw five Hispanic workers on one bicycle); and moving into the neighborhood close to ones job, as I once had to do, and thereby walk to work. Or, maybe you can generate a home business. Though you may not be the ultimate cause of your problems, you are the only source for their solutions.


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