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Skeleton Approaches

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To establish Order out of a chaotic subject or of an unknown topic my first step is to form a rough “Mental Skeleton” that provides a place to apply information being accumulated. To illustrate its “9 S’s” Skeleton parts the “Head” starts the discussion with the meaning of the word; the “Neck,” how the subject in question developed throughout the centuries; the “Shoulders,” the Classification; “Upper Limbs,” opposing views; the “Spine,” addressing the subject matter at hand; the “Pelvis,” some feature of the subject; and the “Lower Limbs,” past/present forms of treatment/management. As my knowledge increases additions, subtractions, rearrangements, re-combinations, or specific modifications are done appropriately.

A similar process can be fashioned by Mentors or individuals who intensively desire to bring some Order to a given Chronic Juggler’s condition. Such a “9 S’s” process, operated out of the individual’s Spiritual Energy Package, corresponds to the “9 P’s” (Bailey, Becoming a Champion Somebody). The “9 P’s” is a system useful for laying out a Practical “Skeletal” Approach to go from where one is presently to where one desires to go; for determining how to get where one desires to go in order to reach success in rising out of the Juggling Syndrome; for an approach to put oneself in good Selfhood Order; and troubleshooting disharmony at any point inside the Mental or Practical Skeletal processes of juggling.

The “9 P’s” start with: (1) Preparing to Prepare. Before writing articles on different subjects my preparing to prepare is go to book sales and book stores to buy books possibly needed in the future. To personally prepare to prepare is to get ones Selfhood in order, starting with internalizing the Ancient African Philosophy of Life. Chronic Jugglers most likely have a problem in not knowing what African type Love is about and that it supplies the “5Ss”--safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability. (2) Purpose. It requires much thought to discover ones Mission in life but it is usually about ones Secret Dream (known up to age three if it was lost) and/or about ones talent. For Chronic Jugglers the Keystone issue may be making inadequate amounts of money or wasting money. These must be corrected in order to stop the problems causing the juggling vicious cycle. (3) Planes of Existence organization. This concerns looking at anything on all Spiritual and Material planes so as to avoid overlooking anything important. It is by taking bits and pieces from different planes that tough problems can be solved. (4) Planning. Determine the steps connecting where you are to where you are going, as in your destination (e.g. to rise above juggling) or to your Mission (the process of paying a heavy price to be of Selfless Service). (5) Preparation. Do what it takes to make you ready to handle everything involved in how to get to your goal and carry out your Purpose. In order to write informative and hopefully articles of a life changing nature, my preparation requires going through hundreds of books to gather pertinent information.

(6) Practice. Engage in whatever it takes to correct weaknesses and limitations while filling in informational and skill gaps associated with getting ready to do the task. (7) Performance. The idea is to do the job “Right” the first time and ahead of schedule. This requires giving up, or at least putting on hold, all self-defeating things generating juggling so as to be able to totally focus on correcting every problem, one at a time, on the way to your Purpose. (8) Platform Work. This is about making the best of your Mission, whether that be about rearing children with the “5Ss” or in the community or building up reserves that help prevent getting into bad habits and that make for a Thriving lifestyle. And (9) Post-action Judgments is studying every detail in these 8 at each of their stepping stones before and after they have been done so as to reduce the bad; eliminate the neutral; improve the good; and “Make Excellence Routine” of what was done well. The idea is to fashion a masterpiece life.


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