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Taking Jugglers' History

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The nature of my Orthopaedic Surgery and medical-legal practice meant becoming a medical detective because of the complexity within each of a given patient’s numerous problems, an occasional one being quite rare. There was a standard process to follow (Bailey, Rational Thinking p149; Bailey, Anger p311) from which deviations could be made to explore certain of the unexpected complaints or situations could be made when some special came up related to that patient. Regardless of the type of complex problem found in Chronic Jugglers or, indeed of any of Black people’s problems, most principles of the medical approach are applicable.

My generic approach is to first understand who the patients/jugglers are as individuals and that includes such things as their philosophy of life, self-esteem, attitude about life, personal problems, family and neighborhood influences, how they spend their time in “Escapes” from the problems of life, how consistent and persistent are they, the type of energy they use (Spiritual or Emotional), their Secret Dream, and their talents.  Second is discovering what they do: the type of work and their attitudes about it; their work habits (e.g. do the job right; take short cuts); and their stability in the workplace. Third is to understand their Situation: what types of problems are they in; how they react to that situation and the problems comprising the situation; and the depth, height, and breadth of the situation. Fourth is the Enemy of the Situation: what part are the patients/jugglers playing in causing their own problems?; what part are outside forces--friends, family, neighbors, society at large, customs handed down from Ancestors--playing in the Situation? Fifth is to list all the problems of concern related to juggling and follow up with getting the juggler’s opinion about which is the worse; which is the one the juggler would like to shed first; and my assessment of those opinions (for it may differ as a result of my possibly having a better perspective of their Keystone Problem and priority and way of management).

The nature of the Seven Questions of Inquiry (who, which, what, when, where, why, and how) is determined by what this history lays out as the path the Juggler is traveling. For example, a definition which helps lay out a framework in which explanations are pursued is that the Juggling Syndrome is a vicious cycle dynamic habit pattern that chaotically deals with essential aspects of daily living. These individual awaken each day to see what life presents to them and they are swept along in a struggle to get to the end of the day. By contrast, a definition for the Balancing Syndrome is a dynamic habit pattern which deals with relatively orderly events going on in an individual’s life. Balancers spend the time, energy, thought, and investigative effort to get things done in the most efficient and effective manner.

From this information the course of Chronic Jugglers is assessed as it goes through the Juggling Syndrome’s Stepping Stones of the Source, the Origin (with its Predisposing, Precipitating, and Immediate Causes); the Beginning; the Middle (i.e. the present juggling situation); and its direction. From seeing this course, troubleshooting of each of them is done in order to make a determination of where the causes of major problems lie (e.g. a loss, a lack, an obstruction, bad choices, bad habits, lack of knowledge, laziness). As a result, a Diagnosis emerges and that indicates where to direct attention pertaining to Treatment/Management. Diagnoses are subject to change as new information is acquired. However, who the Juggler is and thinks, feels, believes, and does will necessitate customizing the Treatment/Management program--called Prescription. But nothing will be achieved if the Juggler is not motivated to change and then has the Spiritual Energy Package (consistency, dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance) to continue to completion. The place to start is with keeping your word throughout the task.


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