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Structure Of Juggling Syndrome

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To protect from fierce animals, Primitive African Lake Dwellers raised their huts over shallow lakes and marshes while paying unbelievable attention to the details required for establishing definite relations and order between struts and girders. The huts themselves were built on piles of wood and additional piles were added as supports for the entire structure. Then props were built underneath to prevent the flooring from caving-in. But prior to building they sought boulders for the Foundational base--those deemed to be stable because of having sunk to the bottom and become firmly positioned-- boulders giving the greatest solidarity and safety to the entire structure of the hut.

The late Middle English word "Prop" originally meant a pole support for vines. Included in the idea of "Support" (what is placed beneath or against a structure to hold it up; to keep up so as to prevent from shaking, falling, or sinking) is to "Sustain" (great strength continuously exerted). Similarly, the various human mindsets associated with good or bad juggling can be considered as mental structures. Each mindset structure has its structural components and each structural component has props. The best mindsets are constructed somewhat like the hut's props and supporting piles of wood situated on a bolder to make it sound. The most enduring “Structures” are built from solid materials fitted together in a harmonious way. Since juggling experiences cannot be avoided in life, how sound ones mindset is determines ones degree of success or failure.

The mindsets of Afrocentric Balancers who make great achievements are likely to have an Ancient African Philosophy of life as the frame in which they operate. Ancient Africans' base and frame consist of African type Love (and not European). Their cherished Values of Ma'at (Love in action) serve as the guide for all their thoughts and deeds, using the Power Approach of Nonaggression. This philosophical soundness of African Tradition allowed them to Balance various things occurring in their personal lives; Balance principles (unchanging realities) for living into new combinations, new arrangements, and new forms; and Balance different flowing waterlike Events that are parts of a constantly changing given process. Each Balancing act is a learned technique. For example, although water in a stream is in a state of flux, one can cup a bit of it in ones hand for drinking purposes as long as one does not clutch it--and that is a learned skill. Managers of sports teams who engage in fairplay will Balance the schedule so that all the players will play. However, thought is given to that Balancing so that the best combination will give the best chance for winning at "crunch time." When faced with alligators on the path, the Values of African Tradition automatically lead one to choose the proper mindset and practices for doing the "Make-Do" job "right" the first time, even for problems never seen or heard of before. That is why ambitious Black youth ought to be taught African Tradition.

The mindset structural pattern of Chronic Jugglers is flawed at its foundational base of Love. Desperation causes concepts of Love and its mental processes to go round and round. One feels pulled in so many different directions that ones frustration is superimposed on a life of turmoil. Since Jugglers are "busy" doing things which are not the most important, they are characterized by Inconsistency in doing the necessary to thrive and to prevent needless problems from arising. Their flawed mindset cause them to be unable to, or to be clumsy at, figuring out how to creatively solve suddenly appearing tough problems on the spot; unable to make quick and sound decisions and stick with them; and unable to be tough and agile while juggling in order to keep from being bitten by the "alligators" along their path. They are unfamiliar with the Harmony, with the uniformity of thinking and working; and with the refusal to give up that are so essential for completing any significant task.

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