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Slavery Derived Self-Defeating Attitudes

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Chronic desperate juggling is the result of accumulated bad habits passed down from slavery and the post-slavery era. Those habits are what Jugglers consider to be "normal" because "everybody" is doing it and those who are not are "weird." Those same habits are what keep the afflicted in the status quo.

Such problems were unknown to Pre-colonial Africans because, as God's helpers, how to work, act, and react in daily living were modeled after what the God Spirit does for all of God's creatures and creations. However, as a result of enslavement and the inhumane treatment by European captors, African philosophy and Tradition were quickly eroded out of the Slaves and replaced, in many, with the fashioning of Actions and Reactions against the captors (e.g. Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistance). And both practices worked for the Slaves but became self-defeating attitudes fol lowing slavery--especially regarding Reactions against all that was related to their enslavement (e.g. ex-Slaves not wanting to do domestic work for White families)--attitudes culturally transmitted to today's descendant Jugglers. Selfdefeating "Attitudes" are a Mindset inclination toward--and a readiness for--going after what is not in ones best interest, not worth it, and/or not doing what it takes to avoid getting what one really does not desire. Bad Attitudes are built by associated learning, typically from unpleasant experiences; or from modeling bad behaviors which then become add-ons to ones self-defeating Attitudes and thereby creating chronic vicious cycles.

The most damaging attitude coming out of slavery was what I call "Non-sexual Masochism"- -the situation of the Slaves being so apathetic and so delusional as to willingly accept needless problems and willingly refuse to stop preventable problems which are obviously of a devastating nature. Residua of both pervade today's Chronic Jugglers and is likely to be Keystone Cause. Another is the "Make Do" mindset oriented to the "here and now." It was not part of the Slaves' lives to plan for anything except death. Daily living was so hellish that they grasped at any "straw" conceivably capable of bringing about survival, a means of enduring, or a moment of relief. Part of this displayed as using up immediately whatever was deemed to be a "straw" available to them, as it is today in their descendants.

There were (and are) no thoughts of "saving for a rainy day"--and that causes and maintains juggling because there is no "cushion" to handle emergencies-- and Chronic Jugglers have many emergencies, some of which are their own doing.

Still another is that a significant number of today's most desperate jugglers have embraced certain ex-Slaves attitudes of doing the opposite of anything White people were for--like getting an education, reading, and making money. Part of this was out of hatred for White people and part was because they did not want to adopt or even to be exposed to the immoral, dishonorable, or anti-loving practices of White people. However, by being forced to live in the non-democratic GUN dominated Euro-American USA society, it is necessary for Black people to know how to honorably survive and thrive without help (Bailey, Black Americans Entering the Marketplace).

Since daily things Jugglers do seem "normal" to them, correction starts by being open to the opposite of or alternatives to what they normally do, even if it does not feel comfortable or seems "not right." Failing to distinguish what is most Important and what demands immediate handling is typical of jugglers. Problematic Prioritizing results in by-passing what is difficult to do (from not knowing how?) or by-passing the boring or by-passing essential tasks calling for mental and physical effort, time, and energy. To by-pass these is a direct cause of desperate situations which lead to chronic juggling. Their poor decisions are made on how they "feel" about a situation. They choose to get involved or not based upon their "emotions"--the very worse tool!

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