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Anatomy Of Black American Jugglers

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The "Big Eight" major components of the Juggling Syndrome are: (1) The juggling within the Mainstream Juggling Syndrome itself. (2) Satellite Problems surrounding the Mainstream Juggling. (3) Offshoot Problems--those extra problems emerging from Mainstream juggling, from the flawed juggling that causes Satellite Problems, and from the continual adding of more problems, most of which belong to other people. Examples are the Offshoot problems acquired from trying to "Escape" from the Juggling Syndrome so as to get some momentary relief. Intertwined in these three categories of problems, either as Causes and/or as Effects, are (4) certain "Addiction" features, like multitasking, inefficient and ineffective work habits, and excessive sympathy/empathy talking that maintain and/or prevent correction of the Juggling Syndrome. (5) Self-Protection Barriers are put up by the Juggler that both prevent the correction of and/or that create, enhance, and maintain the viability of the Juggling Syndrome, its Keystone Problem, its Satellite Problems, its Off-Shoot Problems, and its owner's Juggling Addictions. (6) The persistence of the intricate components comprising the Juggling Syndrome is due primarily to the "Jugglers' Glue," called Stubbornness Black American Style and Unnoble Loyalty--both associated with (7) Coping and Defense mechanisms.

The combination of the Juggler's Addictions, the barriers, not doing the most important things, the "Glue," and bad inner city Environments keep Jugglers in (8) a Status Quo situation. These eight aspects present in or around each of the Problem Categories fashion vicious cycles.

So who are those afflicted with the Jugglers Syndrome? "Beers"-- perhaps 99% of all Black Americans--are "people persons" who do similar lifestyle things with people. "Doers" are action people who do things for people. During slavery and for a long time following it "Be-ers" served the vital role of soothing the Private Self (the tender and innocent child inside a given adult) of each other because that was all they had to share. It is particularly out of this "Be-er" category that Black American Jugglers arise. Typically, they start out in life by failing to get an education sufficient for it to provide stable work and/or that pays enough to allow for leisure in their lives. In addition, they have not learned how to work more than what it takes to get through the day or week or month or year. Both generate daily problems that require the afflicted to "rob Peter to pay Paul"--a 1382 expression of Wycliffe meaning "to take from one to give to another"; to shift resources. As an inadequate education and insufficient money take effect in establishing a lifestyle, Jugglers' engage in "Escapes" (e.g. excessive talking with friends; heavy alcohol or "Street" drugs intake) in order to get some temporary relief. This means their mindsets are in a state of "Limbo" (i.e. sheer confusion, as illustrated by a shaken up "Snow Globe") or always being on the fence or on "the run." These produce chaotic thinking and habits that display as gross inefficiency and ineffectiveness; as an inability to make "right" choices, decisions, or solutions; and as blindness regarding how to leave or how to keep out of vicious cycles. Jugglers' mindsets include a lack of direction (or Mission in Life) and going no-place (as if on a treadmill); frustration; forgetfulness; shaky Self-Esteem Props; busy with the unimportant; and chronic fatigue from Emotional Energy Burn-out.

These mindset effects lead the Juggler to "withdraw" into an inner world. Such Self- Absorption is part of the Omnibus Brain's Urgent way of dealing with life--meaning it is about living daily in the "here and now" where ones orientation is totally devoted to survival, self-preservation, and self-protection. A problematic and self-absorbed mindset aggravates bad or self-defeating habits--and vice versa. Understandably, the Chronic Juggler is overwhelmed and lives on the edge of the "giving up" cliff. Change for success requires starting with courage, Spiritual Energy, and determination.

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