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Socialization Into Juggling

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Socialization ("Second nature")--learning the Common Sense rules of ones society-- is to be distinguished from “Primary ” or Human nature (the qualities and characterist ics shared by all human beings -- independent of race, religion, creed, age, gender, time period, or culture) and Tertiary nature (mentally taking control of ones Selfhood; making self-reflection decisions in "How I Shall Live"; and harmonizing modifications in ones Human and Second natures).

However, Societal Common Sense may be on the positive side of the Thinker's Scale; on the negative side; in-between (at zero); or mixtures of all three. When one is socialized into a pattern of life, one tends to stay in that pattern-- and often from not knowing any other way to be. Even if one has some awareness of a better way to be, the influences of the socialization practices present in "everybody" in that same subculture tends to prevent Tertiary nature deviations because it is easier to "go along to get along" than any alternative. "Make Do" was one of those patterns socialized into African American Slaves, not only by fellow Slaves as a form of survival but particularly by Euro-Americans as a result of their evil and sadistic mindsets and practices. The shattering effects of slavery on the mental (among others) structure of Africans brought to the Americas as Slaves immediately and permanently led to new and often delusional ways of thinking and "feeling"--both preventing each afflicted Slave from being able to see clearly what was going on in his/her world. Out of necessi ty the Slaves had to express and act by doing the best with what "crumbs" they had.

Despite such "Make Do" being essential, it had bad side effects as, for example, the health hazards associated with "Soul Food." Thus, "Make Do" for the Slaves was a passive acceptance form of a coping mechanism for "the way things are" (i.e. a chronic state of poverty) and that enabled them to endure the hell of slavery--a situation continuing for all Black Americans over the next 100 years following emancipation.

Although "Make Do" continues in all struggling Black Americans today, it is a "zombie" habit in that the original reasons fashioned by the Slaves are no longer present and yet those now selfdefeating mindsets and practices persist. An essential carry-over is that most Slaves, from being forced to be completely dependent on the slave owner, had no idea how to take care of themselves.

That this situation in many Black Americans continued through the "Struggling Tunnel" (the metaphorical passageway connecting the Slave quarters with today's inner cities) was clearly illustrated by the defacto slavery life of the Share Croppers as well as many of those who populate prisons. Basic to this "Make Do" pattern in potential prisoners has been their ongoing inability to find (adequate paying) jobs. This situation has caused them to do whatever it takes to survive--things deemed illegal by the very Whites who forced them into a “Make-Do” lifestyle. And also by their descendants who continue to do so by direct action and/or by an aloof disregard and anti-humanitarian neglect. Many Black people resort to the justification of “It’s my fate!”--believing God causes their "trials and tribulations" as preparation for the "Heaven Afterlife." But they forget that "God helps those who help themselves."

From following the crowd, "Make Do," and “It’s my fate!” have created, enhanced, and maintained struggling Black American juggling since slavery. Juggling, a bad habit, starts in childhood with afflicted persons not (adequately) preparing to prevent getting into a chronic state of desperation. The essence of proper childhood preparation is to discover ones talents; develop that talent (regardless of cost); and find a niche for the best display of that talent. The African proverb: "When the student is ready the teacher will appear," can be "retooled" to say that when ambitious Black youth are working hard and smart in striving to be "Somebody," at just the right time "Helping Hands" will appear to assist each one in achieving his/her goal.

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