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Human Love Of African Tradition

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How many people start leaving their Real Self by wondering: "Will people still like me if I do not do what they say?" Most of the time trying to conform to others' dictates stops people for evolving along the correct path or even places them on the wrong path.

Spiritual self-protection starts with knowing what Love in African Tradition is about. Very Ancient African Sages considered Love to be Primordial (i.e. present before the beginning of time and space and not caused or created by any circumstance); to be Unconditional (because it emanated from God's Mind); and to have no beginning and no end because it always “Is.” God's Love, they added, is infinite; has a scope above the ability of the mind to grasp; has no boundaries; is above time and space; and bathes the entire Cosmos. African Sages made no attempt to define or explain Love because it is unknowable. As a Spiritual Life Force, "Love" has nothing against which it can be compared. For Ancient Egyptians "merut" was the word for Love and "Neter Merri" meant the Divine Love. Both lead human beings back to their Divine Connection, allowing them to discover their innate glorious Dignity and Divine immortal Self. The means for so doing focuses on Selfless Service and Nonaggression--both of which satisfy the Spiritual and the Earth World realms of what is "Right" and loving in Humaneness and Humanness. To this day the Afrocentric have no picture of God; believe themselves to be extensions of God; are aware of their duty to serve as God's Helping Hands; and know to live a Ma'at life so as to have the "5Ss."

Unconditional Love is displayed by "Caring" about, and for, all God's creatures and creations. To unconditionally Love implies that one does not know where ones self-love ends and ones love for others begins--the concept of sharing one loving space, as occurs wi th Compassion--and regardless of whether the person sharing that space is receptive or constantly acts "ugly." Love does not stop because of some bad act of another. In other words, one can love the Spirit of a person without loving the deeds of that person. To love another is to love that person's Soul since it is made in the image of God and that image deserves Respect and Caring. Within the Mother/Child interaction, the child has no degrees of Love for its mom because by Love being simple, instinctual, and "just is" there are no variations. When, said Ancient Africans, you can feel yourself related to another, to Nature, and to the Universe in the same complete and natural way as the child to the mother, then you are aware of being in complete harmony with the Love inside humanity and in tune with the rhythm of the universe (Bailey, Common Sense p123).

The Afrocentric view Love as being the equivalent of God's nature; that God and God's Love are within each individual; that the God within is the Standard against which one can compare how one thinks, feels, expresss, and does deeds; that Love guides them through life; and that while proceeding through life their Power Approach is Nonaggression (the demonstration of being gentle, kind, compassionate, affectionate, helpful, sociable, empathetic) for the purpose of doing what is "Right." But a thought provoking question is: "What do good-hearted people use as their Standard for comparing the appropriateness of what they think, feel, say, and do if they do not choose African type Love as their Standard?" Could it be that the Standard of Europeans and the Black people who imitate them is self-derived rather than being that of a Higher Power? If so, this might account for why good-hearted Europeans either do not know what is their Standard or are confused about their Standard.

Without knowing ones Standard means lacking stable Cherished Values and thus one is not Selfhood rooted. Without roots one does not have the "5Ss." Without the "5Ss" one has a great deal of fear from being unprotected and is constantly in need of doing what it takes to mentally and spiritually survive. "Success" brings no happiness.

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