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Stepping Into Love

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Love in African Tradition is at the core of Africans' Philosophy of Life (POL) because Love is every individual 's original essence (called "Original Face" in Chinese). To understand African POL is to take a step toward the realm of Love. The Afrocentric POL is structured like a skyscraper building. With the belief that God is Love and serving as the POL base, Ancient Africans fashioned Ma'at (Love in action) as the underground foundation on that base; and the Power Approach of Nonaggression as the above ground structure which interacts with people. The frame out of which one thinks, feels, expresses, and behaves derives from whatever POL one chooses or accepts from others. Since other cultures have non-love based core components for their POL (e.g. for Europeans it is material things), the question is "how does one know which POL is the best?"

Answer: the one that has stood the test of time; that has produced success agreed upon by all Sages of all cultures through the ages; and that has brought happiness when internalized and lived by any individual.

The Afrocentric POL, which does these the best, has a Standard, Cherished Values arising out of that Standard; and a Power Approach through which Cherished Values are displayed toward God's creatures and creations (e.g. Nature). Love is chosen as the base because it is Ideal-- i.e. perfect, permanent, stationary, enduring, eternal, and an all powerful force that imparts the "5Ss" (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability). This means that a Love Platter situation has Love as its Spiritual Force surrounding and showering the individual; Love as a process of flowing inside the individual (which generates a state of Being); and an automatic action springing out of the individual to help all of God's creatures and creations.

When these conditions are embraced by an individual, the well functioning Love Platter leads to a "deep down" state of contentment because then that individual is operating out of his/her Higher Self--or Real Self--or Selfhood that is one with God. To step from ones Lower Self (which is about such fetters as selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, lust) into ones Higher Self is to cross the dividing line call Morals. Morals are knowing how to live in the world by having good relationships and good behaviors towards people and Nature. To step into Love one can start with people, Nature, or God and make what is done a little better than the way it was found. To have evolved from Love by way of Ma'at (which includes Balance, Order, Truth, Harmony, Peace and Tranquility, Fellowship, Justice, Rightness, and Straightness) into ones Higher Self means that peace, harmony, compassion, goodness, and "doing the right thing" are instinctual and not done for self-benefit. Facsimiles of these learned by those remaining in their Lower Self are called "Fake Love." To live according to ones Higher Self is Self-Love.

Ones Higher Self has the nature of God, said Ancient Africans. A major purpose of all religions ought to be the teaching of believers how to strive toward and reach their Higher Selves--i.e. the state of Love. This has nothing to do with "feeling good" by means of ones sensations. In fact, sensations must be blocked in the pursuit of ones Love or in the search for and the cultivation of ones Real Self--and therefore ones Higher Self. To love other people is to recognize the Higher Self in each; to react to them from ones own Higher Self; and to help them develop their Higher Selves. The process of stepping into Love starts with ones own moral development which, in turn, is a start toward building harmonious family interactions which, in turn, spreads from the family into the community which, in turn, starts forming a peaceful country which, in turn, contributes to making a peaceful world. Selfishness is beneficial as long as it causes one to improve without doing harm. Win- Win selfish people lift others while climbing into a constructive life. To repeat, the action essence of Love is to "make things right" and to always "do the right thing."

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