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Love Philosophy of African Tradition

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In researching "Love" in available Afrocentric literature, very little is written under that label and it is rarely mentioned by Black writers in the indexes of books about Africa. Yet , since in African Tradition the various aspects of Ma'at (Love in action) are lived rather than talked about, by looking through chapters in Afrocentric books I found many synonyms for Love or its display under an assortment of descriptive terms--like being cared about; Intimacy; Bonding; Sippi, Belonging, Connectedness, Compliments, Loyalty, Unity, Harmony, Brother/Sister, and the Igbo expression for "to love" is "to see in the eye." The Afrocentric model for these is from Ancient African Traditions.

Afrocentrics then and now consider Love as the perfect, permanent, stationary, enduring, eternal, and all powerful force emerging from God’s mind. By Love being Spiritual means it cannot be compared with anything known to man. For example, Lov e is not the opposite of Hate, as Europeans believe, because Love is God-made and Hate is man-made- -and therefore they are in completely different worlds. Hence, the opposite of Lov e is the absence of Lov e. African type Love has no degrees because God, and therefore Love, has no degrees. It either is or is not internalized.

Since Europeans consider "love" to be an Emotion and since Emotions are man-made, both Emotions and Western "love" have degrees. But this generates immediate confusion. For example, Agape and Caritas are deemed by Europeans to give the sense of a higher or selfless love. So the question is "how high?," because if it were Spiritual it would not be an Emotion. What does "selfless love" mean and for what purpose?

Western literature is filled with Europeans willing to and actually risking their lives without thought of "Self" in order to acquire gold or to "Take" what belongs to Colored Peoples. Other forms of European "love" include Phila (jen in Chinese), the kind of love involved in friendship. Eros and Amor are forms of "love" based on desire. By degrees of emotional "love" means one can determine how much of what kind of "love" to give and to whom--both concepts implied in the Western word Sympathy. Black people do not understand the concept of "Sympathy" because there is no sharing of a Spiritual Space, as there is with Afrocentric Compassion. This lack of sharing; this lack of receiving; and/or this lack of being internally bathed with Love creates Spiritual Pain (the worst experience a human can have). The afflicted engage in greed, oppressing people, being hedonistic, and sadistic to relieve this Pain--but always without success.

By contrast, African type Love is Unconditional (lacking predetermined automatic behavioral response patterns); is about freedom to "live and let live" and without restrictions; is Instinctual (i.e. the absence of thought); is fully expressive since there are no degrees; and is Compassionate (sharing a Spiritual Space, regardless of how the other receives it).

Bathing in free flowing Love imparts a sense of divine fullness which--by flowing into, around inside, and out of each human-- makes ones spirit complete and provides such benefits as receiving insights for "Right" decisions and for doing the "Right" thing. When Love is over-flowing within ones Selfhood one has no choice but to spread it far and wide. Basic to the inner most part of the heart of every human being, including Europeans, is the Instinct (that which operates in a natural manner and without effort) to Love; to spread Love; to be Loved; and to be Lovable--what I call the individual's Selfhood "LOVE PLATTER."

Such a fulfilled state remains indefinitely unless one chooses to replace Love with something else. Any thing non-Loving--e.g. envy, White Superiority, White Priviledge, seeking revenge; hateful thoughts, or evil deeds--interferes with the entire Love Platter because True Love generated by humans is complete, not "all-ornone." However, the Love coming in from Cosmic Realms remains readily available for immediate reinstitution-- even for Europeans-- whenever the individual's Selfhood lets it in--and it comes in with full force!

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