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'Love' of European Tradition

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That "History is today!" is no better illustrated than looking at today's "Trinket" philosophies, mindsets, and practices of Europeans which date back to their appearance on earth 45,000 years ago. The comments to follow are based upon what Europeans have said about themselves; my observations while interacting with Europeans; interrelating (as a physician and personally) with the Colored people who have been victims of Europeans; and my research pertaining to the world's major religions and philosophies.

The story starts with Ice Age Europeans causing Survival to necessitate a "Kill and Take" or "Take and Kill" pattern "forever." Their brute personality types have produced the world's worse forms of systematic aggressive behaviors-- like genocide, colonialism, imperialism, and slavery. These persisted even when conditions and geographical locations changed for the better. To step ahead, an increased degree of European "Sameness" was molded by the 65% of all ancient Greek scholars--e.g. Pythagoras (480- 411 BC) spent 22 years in Egypt-- who returned from studying African religion and eliminated the God element. Pythagoras changed the African concept that "God is the measure of all things" to: “Man is the measure of all things”—and not God—a concept shaping to this day the entire Western world's untold amounts of destruction to humanity. What he meant was that things exist by virtue of how man perceives them to be. Thus, the objective world is measured against man—and there is nothing outside man that determines "Being" or Truth. This fit well with European males' bruteness and helped account for African and women slavery.

Although the Right Brain is the vehicle for expansiveness into higher and multiple planes of existence regarding things like Love, spirituality, compassion, peace, harmony, intuition, synthesis, nonaggression, and unity, Right Brain usage was eliminated by the Greeks because they deemed themselves too "manly" for such "feminine" traits. Hence they were ignorant of the source of knowledge coming from "The Intelligence of the Heart"--a practice well mastered by Ancient Africans.

Furthermore, by developing a strictly Left Brain approach to consciousness and to ways of dealing with the problems of life meant they were unable to recognize any form of God's Love within themselves or within any of God's creatures or creations (explaining their ongoing destruction of Nature). As a result, their concepts of "love" are of an earth world nature, defined in dictionaries as "an intense emotional attachment"; to feel intense desire and attraction." Synonyms include: affection, devotion, fondness, and infatuation. Note that these are "measures of man" in degree and duration--and not God made. Such an orientation made acceptable Machiavelli's (1469- 1527) teaching Western males that to retain power is done through cunning, fraud, and ruthlessness in subordinating moral principles to political goals. This greatly contributed to the fashioning of the flattery, hypocrisy, dishonorableness, deceitfulness, and anti-Love characterizing European society ever since (and before). Such evilness was honored in 15th and 16th century Europe and continues to be accepted as "normal" and okay for Europeans as long as it is done by Europeans (and not by Colored peoples). Meanwhile, Europeans have developed their Left Brain skills for purposes of greedy pursuits and to ongoingly destroy people and Nature.

To make these anti-love practices work it has been necessary for Europeans to rewrite history and to decide what information goes into the Bible for mind control of the people--both anti-loving promotions of delusional propaganda about White Superiority and to justify White Privi lege. For example, at the European Council of Ephesus in 431 AD, Mary, a European, was declared the Mother of God (Blavatsky, Theosophy p77)-- despite the fact that for several thousand years prior the Black African Goddess Neith was adored in Ancient Africa under the form of the Virgin Mother who gave birth to God. Such theft of African culture and Europeans' obsession with falsifying their greatness to the world has been maintained through intimidation by means of the GUN. Ref: Reproduced from Bailey, "Mentoring Minds of Black Boys"

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