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Love Source of African Tradition

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A place to start understanding many aspects of "Pure Love" is to become aware of the Source (that which furnishes the first and continuous supply) giving rise to its power. Questions for assessing the integrity of the Source include: "Where did the information come from?"; "Why did it come?; "Is it concerned with what is "Right?"; or Honorable and correct?; or Honorable and incorrect?; or Dishonorable and intended to control the people for self-interest purposes? The best choice of a Source is the one that has stood the test of time; that has produced success agreed upon as beneficial by all Sages of all cultures through the ages; and that has brought happiness when internalized by any individual anywhere. Ancient Africans deemed God to be Love and therefore chose Love as the ideal base for African Tradition because it is Ideal--i.e. perfect, permanent, stationary, enduring, eternal, and an all powerful force. When internalized by humans it imparts the "5Ss" (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability). The Source of Love was crystalized (?5500 BC) by the Black Egyptian Tehuti (Hermes Trismegistus, Thoth, Tout, Tehuty, Djehwty), called in ancient times "The Great, Great, Great" and the "Master of Masters." He brought together the wisdom of prior African Sages and formalized archetype (seed) concepts that are the foundation for all the world's major religions and philosophies.

While in a meditative state Tehuti asked God to be shown the true nature of Reality. From the resultant dramatic mystical revelation of the Creation of the Cosmos he derived a vision and wisdom. His vision is not meant to be understood intellectually but rather Contemplated (i.e. engaging in a philosophical thoughtful consideration of the happening), as is done with images from a dream. His first experience is of an allembracing divine light (the Spiritual Realm), which he sees cast a shadow-like dark restless water called the Subjective or the Ocean of Nun. Later he is told this light is the Mind of God, and the dark waters are the unlimited potential out of which God will fashion the Cosmos. Then the Cosmic birth, like any birth, is accompanied by pain and Tehuti hears an inarticulate cry of suffering from the turbulent depths. The Light then speaks a Word which calms the chaotic waters. This Word (compare this with Genesis) is like a blueprint that will organize a structured Cosmos out of the Chaos--which modern science calls the fundamental Laws of Nature. This Word is believed to be the first idea in the Mind of God, from which everything springs. Since it was, until recent ly, a requirement for all European scholars to study Ancient African concepts, this mystical vision of the first act of Creation was probably borrowed to serve as the basis for their "Big Bang" theory.

Initiated into the secrets of the Creation is Tehuti receiving his Love based wisdom and Mission from the Supreme Being. Only this knowledge of Love, he is told, can save those who live in darkness and thus Tehut i must become a spiritual guide to all Mankind (Freke, The Hermetica p35). He said that God is, in fact, the Source and cause of everything Real in the universe--and never the Unreal (i.e. appearance) because the Unreal cannot come into existence. This subsequently was the seed for the original development of Yoga in Egypt. Some of the reasons I believe the story of Tehuti's account of the Creation of the Cosmos (and different writers give different versions) is based upon its proven soundness over thousands of years by Sages of all cultures and all ages; its proven Worth in all realms of life; and its recent verification by Western science. For peoples all over the world the Naturalness of the Principles flowing out of it have enabled many to advance from their Lower to their Higher Self. The discussion to follow is intended to lay out a partial foundation for why I believe an Afrocentic Love based Philosophy of Life can lead to contentment and happiness while a European material based Philosophy of Life can never do so.

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