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System Of Human Feelings

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Struggling Black Americans' innumerable problems are each of such great magnitude as to make it is difficult to know where to begin a correction process. A cultural changing effect of slavery was the Slaves' disconnection from African Tradition's Spiritual processes.

For example, the Slaves were no longer working as God's helpers and resented working for the evil and sadistic Europeans. This led them to switch from being powered by Spiritual Energy to being powered by Emotional Energy. And this has been culturally transmitted. Also at the core of the afflicted is problematic motivation, characterized by an altered Feeling System. By not being present in pre-colonial Africa, its onset was African American slavery. The Feeling System in human nature is of Instinct (or Spiritual), Physical, and Psychic types. According to Ancient Africans and modern day Yogi, “Instincts” are but another name for the manifestation of the Creative Will of God (Ramacharaka, Gnani Yoga p60). The Cosmic Spirit, they said, releases Spiritual Energy which flows through an individual via Instincts, under the term "Feelings" ("a vibrating moving force")--meaning the Spiritual and Physical forms of "Feelings."

Spiritual Feelings ("pure" instinct) are "all-or-none" in that one experiences them or not . Despi te always being readily available at anytime and to anyone, instead of having degrees (as Europeans say about Love being an Emotion), Spiritual Feelings work like an “on and off” light switch which a person completely embraces or not at will. Physical Feelings, being partly instinctual and partly material, possess degrees of effects that cause different daily living responses in individuals (depending upon their tolerance for pain) and are thus transitional between the Spiritual and the Cosmic Objective Realms. This is because they are composed of the two great nervous systems--the central and the autonomic—both being involved in the preservation of life, including survival (a spirtiual aspect) and self-protection (which may or may not be spiritually focused). A typical self-protective example occurs by touching a hot stove and reacting with an immediate reflex withdrawal.

To contrast, Psychical "Feelings"—those relating to pleasures and pains of the mind-- are man-made Emotions, Temperaments, Affections, Moods, Desires, and whatever is involved in the individual's experiences of such social feelings as the pleasure of companionship, charity, and mutual aid. Affections are positive emotions consisting of a warm, settled, and persistent attraction toward somebody or something (Dumont, Master Mind p. 146). In their most developed form they may interpenetrate into Spiritual Feelings. Emotions are stirred up Feelings--“positive” when st irred in a clockwise motion; “negative” when stirred in a counter-clockwise mot ion. Desires are concentrated emotional cravings. It is within the realm of Psychical "Feelings" where customs, depending upon the society, determine to a large degree whether "Feelings" will be hurt or soothed by certain things.

By being of an Objective Realm nature, Emotions have degrees of both good and bad--and both decreasing in potency as the degree goes from Extreme to Moderate to Slight and to Mild. The most powerful Bad Emotions are motivating in destructive directions. The most powerful Good Emotions are motivating in constructive directions. Whereas Extreme Emotional Motivation can allow one to achieve goals, it is not as intense or persistent as the force from Spiritual Motivation. In short, the most effective Motivation is present when one is open to Spiritual Feelings and its instinctual actions and reactions. The scenario is that the power of the Cosmic Mind operating through Feelings automatically causes one to decide on the right thing that benefits all. For example, if "good" Europeans claim they had nothing to do with slavery, spiritual feelings would yet compel them to work toward "making things right."

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