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Problematic Motivation In Black Youth

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Fundamental to the mindset of the Slaves was a chronic state of Fright. Fright is essentially emotions "frozen" in a manner that seem to make them “Numb” or "Anesthetic." At the moment we are unable to defend ourselves most of us have experienced a temporarily paralyzed psychological and physiological state--a state preventing us from being able to do anything because of “Nerves.”

In its uncommonly recognized form "Fright" is Depression whereby one psychologically withdraws like a turtle and “does nothing” as a result of not knowing what to do or as a result of being afraid of doing something to make matters worse. It is this chronic state of "Depression Fright" that "freezes" the motivation in struggling Black youth afflicted with Omnibus Brain thinking (a subdivision of the Ancient Brain) as a way of life. To elaborate, the orientation of the Omnibus Brain is that of the "here and now"--a constant situation in which the Slaves were forced to live. Justifiably failing to believe they would have a better tomorrow was a powerful factor in leading the Slaves to lose all motivation to look forward to the future. Indeed, what they were motivated to do-- i.e. to create, enhance, and maintain Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistant practices directed toward the slave owner--came out of negative Emotional Energy. These mindsets and practices were culturally transmitted to their today's descendants.

My concept of what is responsible for the persistent "Fixed Fright Depression" is what I call Omnibus Stubbornness. Since slavery, it has caused struggling Black people to hold tightly to the familiar--even Selfhood Armor and Slave Survivals which worked for the Slaves but are self-defeating today. Thus, their chronic fright leads them to resist any attempts to be changed; resist changing how they do things; needlessly allows bad things to happen to them; and needlessly fail to prevent bad things from happening.

The latter two are acts of non-sexual Masochism in that they willingly receive punishment, even when presented with workable and relatively easy counter-acting alternat ives (Bailey, Special Minds).

Omnibus Stubbornness shows in today's struggling Black Boys as "Not Moving" out of the status quo because of fright, even if the boy can clearly see the benefits of changing. To justify these automatic reactions they use the rationalization: "I'm too busy to get involved in trying to change" when actually they fear becoming overwhelmed in the unknown.

Hence, despite being emotionally stimulated to start making selfimprovements and to start achieving objectives leading to a beneficial goal, they allow this enthusiasm to quickly burn-out or become side-tracked by attractive distract ions. These are causes of displayed Poor Motivation which, in turn, prevent them from rising above poverty.

Omnibus Stubbornness and it partner, Loyalty, are very hard to change. To reverse the Trigger Obstacles to Motivation requires them to: (1) Return to the philosophical African concept that humans' work is to be viewed as an intensification of the work the God Spirit does in nature, but on a tiny scale and, within that context, refashion their tasks in life; (2) Reconnect with Spiritual Energy for that will give them their Mission; (3) Rediscover their Spiri tual Feelings (which leads them to "right" decisions); (4) Shed Delusions and Emotional Junk surrounding and acting as barriers to ones Real Self; (5) Develop the "5Ss" of safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability so as to get over a state of Chronic Fright--for that will reactivate their curiosity, courage, and desire to explore; (6) Aim the cultivation of their entire brain towards developing their Rational (Thriving) Brain while leaving the use of their Omnibus Brain only to urgent situations; and (7) Locate their Secret Dream or Talent so as to fashion an ultimate long-term goal. These seven will cause them to move past the "here and now" toward thriving for the present and for the future. But they need handholding support to stay on the right path as they are being taught life skills.

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