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Motivational Will

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The Cosmic (Divine) Will is the faculty that indicates what will take place in the Cosmos and is thus the initiator of all creative events. Each human, by being made in the image of God, contains a portion of the Divine Will (which rests in a potential state of power) and God's attribute of free will (which is available and active whenever a human decides to use it). That same free will allows a person to rise (or not) above the Instinctive automatic reflexes that guides that person's Lower Self and to choose either the Higher Self path of Truth and Good or the Brute path of emotions, opinions, or evil. In other words, essential to the definition of Will is to choose actions that, on the one hand, are free of emotional and sensuous motivation; or, on the other hand, to choose based upon knowledge and beliefs. When one realizes one does not have to obey ones Emotional nature, one can live according to African Truth. But the period of time that spans the switch-over will be filled with turmoil before contentment arrives.

Will does not have the ability to choose a person's destiny. Will itself is not a faculty of power but instead is what is used for a person to express his/her future undertakings, actions, and reactions. Since "Will" is in charge of an individual's voluntary mental and physical activities, it is the faculty that indicates what will take place -- and it can be the initiator (Action VI) of Creative events. Will's abilities include: guiding, directing attention toward a goal; turning an individual from one course of action to another; restraining distractions; and helping to make decisions, determinations, or choices. In fully evolved individual's what that individual wills is not based on personal desires (Amen I:86, 110,130).

To "Will" means the person is involved in the action of setting into motion functions of the Self (i.e. the spirit) and/or body. If the body is activated the result is acts of desiring, wishing, or hoping. When the Self is activated it is unswayed by emotions and sensuousness but instead heads in the direction of achieving harmony with the whole (the Law of Sympathy). Both were explained by this Ancient African Groit's "Little Man" story: Within the owner's mind Desire creates an urge consisting of tension to activate "Will's" Motivation Power. "Will's" Power (or Will-Power) starts a mental activity designed to magically transform the psyche of its human owner by making things move things around in its owner’s mind. Will may have “pulled the strings” to prevent the owner from losing something dear; or to keep things as they are; or to do whatever it took to acquire some benefit or pleasure.

Mental Weakness is allowing ones thoughts to drift without order; is the giving over of the control of ones thoughts to something outside oneself (e.g. other people, addictions); and is about a lack of determination or a lack of courage to start or complete a task. Mental Toughness is a developed Will power which does what its owner desires it to do or to not do. Since more Will Power is needed “to not do” than “to do,” within this inhibiting quality lies much of what is called “strength of Will” (i.e. Mental Toughness). The actions involved in the intellect and imagination are ways to build Will tough, strong, and constructively. Also, there are times when Will refuses to be aroused by Desire. When refusal occurs, Desire slowly uncoils her spring and the tension is relieved—either gradually or at once. Will is disciplined by not giving into Emotions. The way to deflate the power of Emotions is not by "controlling" them but rather by ignoring them. When Will is at its best, Ancient Africans said it contributes to intuiting the Will of God. The Seven Questions of Inquiry—who, which, what, when, where, why, and how things are to take place in people's lives is what is intuited from God--and that is Wisdom!

Ref: Bailey: Unlocking Minds of Black Boys

website: www.jablifeskills.com

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