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Personification Of Motivation

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To explain the complex concepts of "Motivation" Ancient African Sages resorted to Personification (making a lifeless or abstract thing come alive). For example, in conveying to African people the most important aspects of the un-seeable part of the Creation story one Sage told the people the reason the pupil of the human eye is dark is because of the Spiritual Waters underlying it.

These Primeval Waters of the Ocean of Nun are the substance of the Cosmos formed out of the body of God. Next, he said, the reason a person's eyes are bright is because they are illuminated by the Divine Spirit. The Sages' intention was for the people to extract Principles (i.e. the unchanging reality) they could apply to their lives. To answer the people's question of what gave rise to the ability of human beings to move around, the Groits illustrated this by personifying a "little person" -- called "Will" or “Mercurius Homunculus.”

They said "Will," arising into being from the crude stuff in the Ocean of Nun (i.e. the “material prima”), is powered by Spiritual Motivational Energy. A factor triggering Motivational Action (an energized movement) within Will came from a direct connection with the Spiritual Motive Force inside a given human's subconscious mind (which is part of the image of God's Mind). That human's direct connection with the Spiritual Motive Force sets in motion the processes leading immediately to all "right" answers for dilemmas or problems never seen nor heard of before.

A second factor is that "Will" could be aroused by its owner's Causal Body's Ari (Karma) contents.

A third factor is that one could be aroused by Desire out of ones Astral Body (the home of the human Intellect Mind; see Chapter II in Bailey, Unlocking Minds of Black Boys). Regardless of cause, the Groits said the arousal of Will is sort of like the Motivating Force used by what we know today as a puppeteer who pulls the strings in order to activate marionettes. Then the Motivating Power present in the Motivation Force (from the Spiritual Motive Force) generates the Motivation Action that causes things to move things around in its owner’s mind. What happens in the process depends upon the temperament of the puppeteer.

Temperament is ones physical, mental, and emotional make-up as it is manifested by ones actions and reactions. When physiologically aroused it constructs or stimulates a Disposition's potential energy. A Disposition is a Thought Structure with a prevailing trend which, if filled with enough Desire energy, mobilizes Will Power to pave an Inclination path.

In humans, the Motivation Force needs a Motive Force (the "Why" within oneself as to what is to be done) to start Motivation Action. Then that energizing motion of Motivation Action causes things to move into patterns (Action V). The type of pattern (Action VI) depends upon whether arousal is powered by Spiritual Energy or is from Spiritual Energy being transformed into Emotional Energy. In other words, Desire arouses "Will" to start some specific mental activity (Motivation Action) related to the Inclination of Desire. Inclination is a "leaning toward” what is preferred or a "leaning away from" that which is in keeping with a Disposition; and if pushed hard by Will Power it becomes an Intension. The individual's Mind Committee determines if the Intention goes into outside actions or reactions.

Within the human mind, Motivating Power initiates, focuses, and sustains mental activities that, whether completed or not, either remain inside the mind and/or are carried into the outside world. Motivating Power is vital in learning how to Focus and then sustain it during concentration.

Additional manifestations of Motivation Power in a human being are present as instincts, curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and an intense desire to evolve back to ones own original Creator.

Ref: Bailey: Unlocking Minds of Black Boys

website: www.jablifeskills.com

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