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Components of African Motivation

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Primitive Africans were so fascinated with the ability of humans and animals to move on their own that they assumed this movement came from spirits who resided inside each. Very Ancient Africans had an intense interest in discovering the Laws (rules and a set of directions) governing Nature. To know more about how God, the Cosmos, and human beings worked, over thousands of years they studied astrology to learn about Time, Space, Numbers, and Mathematics. From that they concluded the "Prime Mover" -- God -- was behind the cause of the motion within the Cosmos and within creatures. What African Sages did to teach African people and foreign scholars was to personify abstract concepts as, for example, to create the goddess Ma'at for illustrating principles (unchanging realities) of Righteousness and Justice. Then African Groits (storytellers) would further break down that information for African people -- but not so simply as to prevent them from needing to think deeply with focused attention in order to completely understand the points applicable to their lives. Examples are fables and allegories -- both subtle stories within an obvious story. Today, none of the information of African Tradition is completely laid out anywhere because much has been deliberately destroyed by Europeans who do not want the world to know the brilliance of the African Mind. Thus, it has been necessary for me to piece together the African story from a wide variety of sources and over many years.

One version of Ancient African Spiritual Literature says it was revealed to their Sages that the first part of the Cosmos to appear was the Spiritual Realm, called the Amenta (hidden--the finite realm containing God's Mind). Then God, in creating the Cosmos, meditated upon the subject of Creation and from that meditation came a Mental Image named the Subjective Realm (i.e. the Ocean of Nun) and representing the body of the one universal high God believed in by all Africans. The contents of the Nun is that of unshaped potential possibilities (but containing no forms and no objects) for all that is to later exist in the physical part of the Cosmos.

For example, in this Pre-Creation state of the physical Cosmos there is a unified eternal Consciousness/Will and undifferentiated Energy/Matter which separate as they enter the Objective Realm. In that transition from the Subjective Realm into the Objective Realm there starts to appear the subtlest form Matter called the Ether. Both that Matter and Spiritual Energy consist of the Mind and Substance of God and both flow throughout what Ancient Africans call the Law of Sympathy, like sap flows throughout a tree.

This Law says all God's creatures and creations are spiritually related no matter how remote in time or space. One of those forms of creatures is human beings--each containing the Image of God and therefore God's attributes (e.g. Will).

For human beings to be self-propelled toward any destination requires the Motivation Process which, based upon my interpretation, consists of seven steps. How the Cosmic Mind achieves it ends through the Motivation Process in human beings is as follows: Step I: The Cosmic Mind, in order to achieve an end, produces a Spiritual Motive Force. Inside that Spiritual Motive Force is Spiritual Energy. Step II: Inside Spiritual Energy is Motivation Power. These four are like parts of a collapsible telescope. Step III: Motivation Power sparks an energy build-up inside human's Desire that is under great tension. Step IV: The great tension inside Desire arouses Will to institute Motivation Action.

Step V: Motivation Action inside Will moves things toward a Pattern. Step VI: Motivation Power inside Spiritual Energy pushes that Pattern towards its Destination. Step VII: The resultant Pattern Effect conforms to the original plan of the Cosmic Mind. The term "Motivation" embraces all seven Steps.

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