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African Motivation Background

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Though "Problematic Motivation" is widespread among all races, the focus here is on struggling Black youth because it stands in the way of them rising above their various types of poverty. Its opposite, Spiritual Motivation of African Tradition, is what is corrective for "Problematic Motivation." History shows that Ancient Africans, in the pursuit of what they deemed to be worthwhile, had a clear Goal (the finish line they desired to reach) and a definite Purpose (what they wanted to do once they reached their goal).

The fact of their brilliant civilization (social and technological) and cultural (intellectual and religious) achievements leave no doubt that they were filled with Spiritual Energy. Furthermore, it can be inferred that the effects of slavery caused Africans brought to the Americas as Slaves to resort to Emotional Energy for reasons already discussed and to be elaborated on later. The effect was a profound disturbance in what powered their motivation -- an effect that continues to display in their today's struggling Black youth descendants. Because motivation is the cornerstone determining whether these youth will allow their Enslaved Minds to be freed from mental vaults, allow me to explore this subject in great detail.

My hope is that expert teachers truly interested in helping struggling Black youth can assess the details of what is presented; match a certain aspect with the Trigger Problems (the single most important barrier) of Black youth; and then figure out creative ways to permanently motivate them. Yet, every step in converting "Problematic Motivation" into "Thriving Motivation" is extremely difficult because of the complexities interfering with its understanding and because no one has a process for bringing about reproducible excellent results in changing Belief systems that fashion Self-Motivation.

The best information I have on the basics of what Motivation is and how it comes about has come from Primitive Africans (who were brilliant concrete thinkers) and from Very Ancient Africans (who were genius abstract thinkers). Both used Motivation as a bridge to connect Thoughts with Actions in order to arrive at a practical work product. A typical pattern of African Sages for approaching any life-shaping or life-changing esoteric (hidden) subject was to research aspects of Nature under the belief that Nature is the home of God's Laws. From observations and reflection they drew inferences for discussions among themselves. Their resultant conclusions were on such a high level that none of us today can completely understand them. Still, what foreigners borrowed -- as imperfect as it was -- has served as the foundation for much of what they used to form concepts of motivation or whatever.

It is my impression that the Chinese kept African concepts in a practical form most closely resembling that of African Sages but did not focus on its Cosmic Mind origin. Rather, they started with the Ocean of Nun under the term of the "Tao" and then Confucius used Ma'at (Love in action) principles to lay out patterns for social organizations.

The Indians of India seemed to have emphasized the Spiritual Source of African Tradition but it was greatly diluted and polluted under the evil influences of her Aryan invaders. Ancient Greeks converted what they learned from African Sages about spirituality into their own worldly character. For example, after borrowing the African God Amen under the name Zeus, they gave Zeus anthropomorphic images, the opposite of Amen and the opposite of African Tradition concepts. Ancient Romans borrowed many concepts from the Greeks and from Africa and made, by means of the Christian Religion, self-centered changes most useful in controlling the people.

The Western world drew its delusional materialistic "trinket" philosophies from the ancient Greeks and Romans -- and leaving out all aspects of African Spirituality and the African Subjective Realm, as is seen today.

Reproduced from Bailey: Unlocking Minds of Black Boys.

website: www.jablifeskills.com

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