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JAB's African Holocaust Talk (3/4)

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The Ancient African Creation story of the Cosmic Helping Hands is explained as God, in the Cosmic Amenta realm of Life, producing nine gods and goddesses (i.e. Neteru) to serve as Helping Hands in dealing with the remainder of the Cosmos (i.e. the Subjective and Objective Realms). Whenever deceased human Ancestors appeared, their duty was to become Helping Hands to the nine Neteru as well as to living humans. In turn, they were helped by the Neteru. The duty of living humans consisted of being Helping Hands not only to each other but to the deceased Ancestors, to the Neteru, and to God. By this process, every "Being" was connected spiritually to each other (the Law of Sympathy) and continually helped every other "Being." This meant God's Spiritual Energy received by the people filled them with the five fundamental Needy Wants which I call the "5Ss"--Safety, Security, Sureness (Confidence), Strength, and Stability. Needy Wants are to the supply of spiritual and mental nutrition of any given human being as the Needs associated with human nature are essential to the physical survival of that same human being.

As a direct result of the impact of slavery the Slaves: (1) Philosophically disconnected from the Cosmic Helping Hands and therefore from the Law of Sympathy and therefore from the Spiritual Energy supplied by God and therefore from the "5Ss." This caused the structure of African Tradition to fall into shambles. (2) From being overwhelmed by the GUN power and cruelty of the evil European captors and the lack of Needy Want protection, the Slaves were susceptible to being BRAINWASHED. (3) From being Brainwashed + the loss of the "5Ss" + the loss of faith in the Law of Sympathy + the loss of belief in the Cosmic Helping Hands, the Slaves developed DELUSIONS (believing what is not real and not believing what is real). (4) From the structure of African Tradition falling into shambles, afflicted Slaves became DISORDERLY IN THINKING SKILLS. (5) From the Brain Switch + being Brainwashed + Delusions + loss of orderly thinking skills the Slaves developed SELF-DEFEATING MINDSETS. (6) To avenge the hell to which they were being subjected, the Slaves engaged in Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistance. To "avenge" works on a concept similar to "an eye for an eye" form of justice, as opposed to Revenge. But because the Slaves were relatively powerless the concept was more like an "eyelash" for an eye." Selfhood Armor is inner avengement (e.g. "White man, you may enslave my body but you cannot enslave the rest of me"). Outer avengement was called Slave Resistance (e.g. procrastination, moving and working slowly). Both Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistance worked well for the Slaves but became SELF-DEFEATING HABITS when culturally transferred out of slavery and on into today's struggling descendants.

To analyze a basic problem category as, for example, Delusions, Self-defeating mindsets and Selfdefeating Habits, notice there are several components in each one. To illustrate, Self-defeating mindsets are about a combination of Brain Switch, Brainwashing, Delusions, and disordered thinking. For Joe, the main problem (i.e. the Trigger Problem) may be the delusion of him not thinking he is important; for Sam, that he does not feel powerful; for John, that Black people have never done anything great; for Willie, that he has no idea how to do orderly thinking. Yet, despite the uniqueness in each boy, the situation in all four is that they have Selfdefeating mindsets (an example of "Sameness"). Of course, each boy may have some of what the other three bo

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