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Ancient Africans' 'Word' Or Logos

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According to one version of Ancient African Spiritual Literature the creative act that formed the Cosmos was a mental form of sound setting Cosmic Energy/Matter into motion and organizing it into patterns. What happened, says the "Book of Knowing the Creations of Ra": "I brought into my mouth my own name, that is to say, a word of power, and I even I came into being" (was transformed from the Subjective Realm of the Cosmos into Objective Being). This meant, said Ancient African Sages, that "The Word" itself is the Divine Presence, its power, and its manifestation. By being transcendental of time and space, it is beyond naming, images, or concepts.

That is why African Tradition does not have pictures of God and says that the various words for God--e.g. Amun, Aset, Asar, Jesus, God the Father etc. are merely relative names and metaphors used by the limited minds of humans. Within this context the entire Cosmos, including humans' minds and bodies, are manifestations of the "Living Word" itself and therefore what the African Sages looked for in "The Word" was its divinity. For this reason, Ancient Egyptians called their language the Mdu Ntr, Medu Netcher, the Divine Words. The collection of wisdom statements were termed Metu Neter (Words from God). It is from this understanding that the Greeks provided the term "Hieroglyphics" (literally the sacred carvings) for African writings.

The Egyptian word "Ren" relates to the Divine Consciousness manifesting through names, words, and sound itself. Hence, Ma'at (Love in Action) Words are like the divine as well as being divine themselves. The implication is that since humans contain Dignity (the Substance of God) and Divinity, what one says who maintains a Law of Sympathy connection is in essence so important and so real as to be deemed sacred--and thereby making a person's word a living word (ankh medu). The reason for this came from the Spiritual or Metaphysical Universal Principle of Force or Energy forces (the Ether) springing out of God's Mind--and out of that emanated the Universal Principle of Matter from which all the phenomenal (objective) Universe evolved.

The portion of the Ether flowing through a person via Instincts and under the term "Feelings" operates directly on physical matter and events (i.e. changing reality).

This Ethereal Energy force possesses the capacity to do work or to alter the state or position of a thing or event. Since Ethereal Energy is vibrating motion, alterations can only take place through movement. And that is what motion forces present inside of Feelings do. Because they are physical energies, these Feelings can move an individual to speak and to take physical actions and to act directly in the world independently of the human vehicle. That is why we "feel" them and speak of them as our "Feelings." When the spirit is acting on physical events and matter independent of the human body and the human mind is working to benefit a piece of the Cosmos (as in doing loving work) so that it is vibrating at a similar rate, then Helping Hands come at the exact needed moment.

To break ones word--to not keep ones word--to not do what one said one was going to do--represents an attack on what is sacred. As a boy, the belief and practice of my all- Black community was to "KEEP YOUR WORD."

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