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What really bothers me is the fact that Black people all over the world are leaving behind the "Treasures" of African Tradition to embrace the "Trinkets" of European ways of being and practices.

And this is occurring very rapidly. It is extremely important to assess this issue because whatever you consider to be a treasure, even if it is a trinket, is where your heart is. Extremely few people know their treasure and if it is an African Tradition it has worked so well as for it to be overlooked in favor of something exciting.

Nothing is more exciting than what is evil--and nothing is worse for an individual than what is evil.

"Trinket" people dedicate their lives to grabbing the best of things of a material nature (i.e. things of Value), which invariably produces conflict. "Treasure" people dedicate their lives to using things of Value to improve things of Worth (e.g. Love in action, peace, harmony) in the lives of others. A way to make the distinction is to ask: "Does what seems "right" hold good measure for the present; has it for the past; and will it for the future?" If you decide you have a treasure, ask: "Where did it come from?" And for that answer it is not wise to ask the person who owns it because history has repeatedly shown that the thief conveys stolen treasures in a borrowed name and is the first to cry: "stop thief" when the rightful owner tries to reclaim it. By knowing the nature of the philosophy of the people, is it reasonable for the dishonorable to be the originators of honorable treasures?

Since ancient times, “Name” inside and outside Ancient Africa has consisted of a word or small group of words to designate or indicate a thing--real or imaginary- -in its entirety. If a name retains its original core meaning after coming into existence, this is its Denotation--the indispensible minimum of definition--the mental picture a "root" word conveys.

If the meaning comes from the idea, emotion, or feeling invoked apart from its primary meaning (e.g. racism), this is its Connotation. In African and Chinese Traditions names are a "big deal." For example, a person's name is believed to reflect that person's life story and therefore ones name must be drawn out of supernatural realms, for the name given is a summary of ones destiny. In other words, an African name is a model to live by and therefore protected from evil people.

Because renaming is what Europeans do (so as to get a foot in the door for claiming dominance over what belongs to others or to actually claiming it), that is not a power they should be granted.

For example, instead of giving Africans credit for great engineering feats (e.g. the Great Walls of Benin and the Great Mosque of Tombut in Africa), European racists renamed this achievement in honor of it being built by shipwrecked Greek mariners.

The point is that just as Europeans demean labels selected by minorities, it does not make those demeaning statements true.

Furthermore, to walk away from a word well-established in Ancient Africa (i.e. that Africans were a "black" skinned people) or that is well-suited to Black people is to give historically foolish European declarations the power they do not deserve. To keep running from the connotations of useful words means there will be no end of Black people being on the retreat.

Black people must stop retreating, decide what is best for them, and never be defined by anyone, and go forward at a pace faster than the speed of progress.

website: www.jablifeskills.com

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