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Evolution Of The 'Hook-Up' Concept

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More of Black Americans' problems come from Disconnecting from what is in our best interest than from any other cause. At some point in our lives or in the lives of our family Ancestors or in the course of our Black community influences we had the proper connections to all the right Values and Virtues. But then many lost it- -perhaps because of one (or more) painful events or because of allowing disconnected people to convince us to join their self-defeating ways. This concept started appearing in my mind years ago while reading how many African American Slaves were so overwhelmed with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that their only coping mechanism was Dissociation—i.e. a disconnection of a portion of ones consciousness, ones self-identity, and ones memories of important personal events from the remainder of ones Selfhood. In other words, the “Excluded Self” (the part related to the outside world and containing much of the Spiritual pain, emotional pain, rage, fear, and depression) was disconnected from the “Included Selfhood” (the afflicted person’s remaining Selfhood).

To repeat, whereas African Tradition has always viewed Human work as an intensification of the work the Spirit does in Nature and that the people must allow God to work through them, when Africans were brought to Americas as Slaves they obviously were no longer working for God. Furthermore, they intensely resented doing "back-breaking labor" simply to make rich the evil slave owners. In other words, by working for the slave owner and not God meant their work was automatically disconnected from God and their spirit guides. The impact of enslavement and their inhumane treatment caused the Slaves to “turn off” their motivation and determination for any kind of work activities and many thereby lost contact with any sense of work achievements or sense of satisfaction from work completion. As a result: (1) to avoid punishment was the Slaves' only benefit of work; (2) there was no place else for determination to be used toward a goal since there was nothing to do but work; (3) the only thing the Slaves could count on for tomorrow was an even worse day (e.g. perhaps being sold); and (4) there was no hope of a “better life” at any time until death. This “turn off” of motivation and determination became a way of life for the Slaves--and for many since slavery it has never been restored.

When Harriet Tubman, one of the most brilliant persons of mankind, was helping 319 Slaves escape, she encountered most who wanted to quit the foot journey because their feet were bleeding and they were exhausted. This means they had disconnected from their purpose of being free. At that moment, she would pull out her pistol, aim it at the fallen Slave, and say: "You have a choice of staying here or getting up and running to freedom." Fortunately, those fallen Slaves--after digging down deep within themselves to gather the needed Spiritual Energy--did get up and keep going. Many Black people in prison come to terms with what they have done and realize that in the backs of their minds they already know what constitutes the right and decent thing from having been connected to it in the past or exposed to it in the Black community.

At that point many instantly switch from bad high negative emotional energy and reconnect with Spiritual energy. What they do is to remove the emotional "junk" and the "I can't" barriers blocking connections with higher powers in order to allow their Instinct Nature--the place of their Inner Strength (called ones "True Face" by the Chinese and called ones Dignity by me)--to again communicate freely. The Black community has an obligation to be aware of when Black youth start disconnecting from their Spiritual Energy and not allow this to happen. Obviously, it is best to be in such close contact that these youth are not faced with the choice to disconnect or not.

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