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Human's Energy Package

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The Energy Package of a human being--whether Spiritual or Emotional--is used for tasks faced in maneuvering through ones maze of life. History is clear that Ancient Africans, in the pursuit of what they deemed to be worthwhile, had a clear Goal (the finish line they desired to reach) and a definite Purpose (what they wanted to do once they reached their goal).

To achieve a Goal and Purpose requires an Energy Package consisting of: Dedication (selecting what is cared about); Commitment (becoming one with what is cared about); Loyal (sticking like glue to a Goal and Purpose no matter what); Determination (setting limits within which one will act); Persistence (holding fast to ones Purpose and Goal); and Perseverance (continuing ruthlessly in the face of opposing forces, set-backs, and momentary failures). These six and Concentration (staying focused) support each other in completing the task. Together, they over-ride established bad habits like procrastination, being scattered, and working so slowly that little gets done. In fact, just the opposites occur--one is eager to get to work on the task; one stays deeply focused; and one works with a sense of urgency--the best ways to become self-disciplined, self-controlled, and consistent. It is the presence or absence of these seven during hard times that determines if one "gives up" easily or gets up off the floor one more time than when knocked down. To not feel like getting up means one is using Emotional Energy. To get up anyway so as to keep going to the finish line means one is using Spiritual Energy.

Despite having the same daily supply of energy, three reasons certain people get so much more done than everybody else are: First, their Energy Package is powered by Spiritual Energy and not Emotional Energy. Second, what they do is not based on if they like it but rather on what is required in the task. As a physician, I certainly did not like to get up at 2:00 am to go to the emergency room but not liking it had nothing to do with what I had to do because it was my job.

Mothers do the same in taking care of their infant babies during the night. Third, in each aspect of the Energy package the mature know "down times" come and go like the tides. Yet, Strong people keep doing even "a little bit" in "blah" times and are in control of stopping any downward spiral.

For example, in a recent tennis match Serena Williams said to herself: "If I lose today and I don't win in doubles [with Venus as her partner], I guess I can catch a flight on Friday...; that's not what you're suppose to think but that's what I was thinking" she said after the match. Just before going down in defeat (from having committed an incredible 53 unforced errors and 11 double-faults) Serena shifted from this negative Emotional Energy to her Spiritual Energy and thereby revitalized her Energy Package with "Aliveness"--as all champions do when they are caught in vicious cycles. When she stopped fighting herself she did something I had never seen. Her power and footwork flowed as one unit while serving and returning balls with such speed and accuracy as to freeze the opponent in her tracks. Despite being down 0-4, Serena won five consecutive games and hence the final two sets. The point: we have not scratched the surface when we believe we have done our best.

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