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Ones Spiritual Energy

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Humans acquire Creativity, Curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and a sense of Urgency to complete an important task from the Life Force derived from the Cosmos--a world that is steady, permanent, enduring, and everpresent-- a world vibrating at an extremely high rate--a world characterized by African Tradition type Love. Curiosity (making one intensely interested in the unknown); an endless supply of Creativity; and high level "Aliveness" are sure signs one has tapped into the higher energy Cosmic world. At birth humans are over-flowing with Spiritual Energy. "Aliveness" effervescence is nowhere better seen than in children at play. Such is indicated by their readiness and willingness to explore the unknown- -untainted by fears, doubts, worry, or fatigue--and by the possession of complete confidence.

These features of Spiritual Energy are equivalent to Compassion and cause one to seek the Truth and follow that Truth wherever it leads; and to accept set-backs and defeats as a message from the Universe that what was presented was flawed in content or in context or in timing or in to whom it was presented.

Spirit Energy is expressed through Feelings and Feelings are vibration messages from the Voice of the Silence.

Spiritual Energy manifests in the experience of being so engrossed in a task as lose track of time; as being so excited that one would rather do the task than to do a favorite past-time; as getting up early and staying up late to work on the task; as an eagerness to do a mile of work just to make an inch of progress; and as a willingness to do the "dirty," the difficult, the boring, and the tedious (as with research) to gain insights. One realizes that although the task is so huge and overwhelming as to cause one to feel like an ant trying to eat an elephant, ones "Spirit" urges the "ant" to proceed to eat one bite at a time. There is no giving up when set-backs or personal defeats occur. Instead, one uses these as an opportunity to troubleshoot areas where there was improper or inadequate preparation or to find where one got off course. One is also above allowing ones hurt feelings to get in the way of going into the mouth of the alligator or to stop doing good for the crude (but not evil) actions of the person (e.g. poor manners). Despite the sense of urgency, there is no desire to take short-cuts or jump to conclusions because one is dedicated to doing the job "right."

One pays great attention to detail in selecting the proper task; in planning; in preparing; and in performing. For example, if one does not listen well then one cannot answer the question with precision and that puts one off on the wrong path. Spiritual Energy necessarily fashions foresight and forethought, as when Amerindians make decisions based upon how it might affect their 7th generation from now.

The Strong know there is no place for emotional energy in the trenches while fighting hard battles; know to willingly accept criticisms so as to extract lessons; and know to seek criticisms.

Spirit energy causes one to over-rule ones bad temptations; to correct bad habits; to perfect ones skills every day; to stay prepared to handle problems never seen nor heard before; to deal with the problem as soon as it arises; to handle problems in a creative fashion, rather than by custom; and to refuse to take "no" for an answer when one is certain the task is sufficiently important to make a tiny piece of the world a little bit better.

Spiritual Energy gives a sense of peace and deep satisfaction from doing a task that needs to be done, even if one does not complete it or is not completely successful from having done it.

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