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Human Energy

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Energy is more important than time because it originated, according to Ancient African Spiritual Literature, when God meditated upon the subject of Creation. From that meditation came a Mental Image (i.e. a Thought-Form) of a Universal Mind (i.e. the ocean of “Mind- Stuff”—the Ocean of Nun). Out of it sprang the Universal Principle of Force or Energy and from Energy emanated the Universal Principle of Matter from which all the phenomenal (objective) Universe evolved. Thus, what is in Energy and Matter is the Mind and Substance of God. This Spiri tual Energy, a force of Nature, is recognized by all major world societies. It is called Ether (Ancient Africans); Universal Energy (Yogi); “Prana” (Buddhist); Kundalini (India); and Chi (Chinese). The ancients believed Cosmic ethereal space is filled with the “Ether,” with "Ether" being the shinny, pure, upper air of which the heavens, the lintel’s stars and planets, and Nature are made.

Ether is also found in varying forms and in all things (e.g. natural laws). Ancient Africans said the “Ether” pervades the entire universe. This implies a “piece of Ether” on any plane of Cosmic existence contains everywhere a piece of the heavens and portions of its powers—similar to the way a drop of ocean water is made up of all that is in the ocean and only lacks the full force and quantity of the ocean. To be in contact wi th the concentrated source of Sublime Ether is to be energized and inspired, wi th aroused sentiments of awe and reverence from its vastness and power.

Man extracts Ether from the air, food, and fluids. If there is an abundant supply (as from proper breathing) one becomes active, bright, energetic, and "full of life." If one is deficient in this Spiritual Energy one becomes weak and "lacks vitality" (Ramacharaka, Fourteen Lessons p117). Although part of the human brain is made of "Ether" it receives mental currents of "Ether" which flow through a person via Instincts under the term "Feelings." This is like a Cosmic force sending Energy to the brain. That Energy goes through the brain/mind "committee" where it is admixed with what comes through the senses (seeing, hearing, smell, taste, touch); with perceptions (that may be reality, distortions, or fantasy); and with memories.

The brain thereby acts like a transmitter which changes the energy vibration rate to make that energy available to do whatever the "committee" dictates. If the person is thinking on a high plane of existence, then there might not be much change in the Cosmic Energy received; if at a low level, "bad" Emotional Energy (i.e. Low Negativ e Energy ) will be generated.

High negative Energy, also lacking Spiritual Energy, is greatly stirred up "bad" Emotional Energy. Low Positive Emotional Energy derives from acceptable thoughts while High Positive Emotional Energy stimulates Feelings to vibrate and blend in with Spiritual Energy.

This accounts for the way Black people in states of Trance have historically been able to contact and connect with higher powers. Low Positive Spiritual Energy is the "Aliveness" associated with a relatively low quantity of "Ether"--with or without "good" Emotional Energy. High Positive Spiritual Energy is the "Aliveness" from abundant Ether--and that is considered "Pure" Feelings because it connects directly with higher Cosmic Powers. "Pure" Feelings are always available and when working naturally they flow into, inside, and/or outside oneself.

However, one can choose to stop that flow at any point and/or prevent oneself from being aware of their presence.

By contrast, whether good or bad, one can fashion ones own Emotions; decide whether to be aware of them or to "freeze" (i.e. be "numb") them; and either control them or allow them to run "wild." Understanding these six forms of Energy is foundational to diagnosing and managing struggling Black People's motivational and determination problems and to excellence in sports or artistic performances.

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