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Overview Of Black Youth's Biggest Problem

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Since the mid-1970s when I started working closely with struggling Black Boys a recurring and very disturbing problem has been their unwillingness to take advantage of the abundant opportunities available. Richard King (a Black psychiatrist) and I have independently reached the same conclusion. He says (Black Origins p103): "Most Black people are dead today, because they don't have control of their own mind. They do not know how their mind operates and so they would rather allow their slave master to think for them.

Many Black people are so mentally dead that they are actually anti-intellectual, afraid to read, afraid to materialize their own dreams and intuitions. They both, run from school and allow school to mis-educate them...the intentional perpetuation of mental slavery after the removal of physical slavery....Vast numbers of Black students are programmed to give up, early, on the very knowledge that the slave master uses to rule. "I can't read, I can't count, math is too hard, that book is too thick, I don't want to be an egg head scientist, physics is for White people, that is the man's science, the man's science is too heavy for us, it is too abstract, I don't have time, I'm a slow learner, I was told I should try something easier, I don't do well on tests, school will take too long, I'm bored, I just want to have a good time, etc. This list is endless of the lies that we have been told or tell ourselves to continue mental slavery.... Many Black students who do well in school lack understanding of how to use knowledge for themselves and collectively for their people."

Our self-understanding is not going to happen until we know the minds of our brilliant Ancient African Ancestors; the shattering of the minds of African American Slaves at the hands of evil and sadistic Europeans; and the ongoing impact of post-slavery racism (that continues to the present). Because of Euro-Americans' inability to add to this understanding and because they do not believe it is in their best interest to do so, we Black people must educate ourselves. And we have everything we need to do so. What is required to get back on the path of African Tradition is to embrace Ancient African spiritual and personal power values so that they can be applied to treating and managing our present problems and so we can begin or speed the process of thriving.

Treatment (“to draw away”) is a program directed to the care of a person for the restoration of mental health which, in this case, is to get these youth to shed their delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real). What stands in the way is problematic Motivation and Determination.

Whereas good people "in the trenches" with these youth are doing all they can to make these youth as comfortable as possible inside their mental prisons, the next step is to replace all of these youth's "I can'ts" (which is actually "I am unwilling to...") with what it takes to get them back on the path to their Mission in life. That means replacing delusions with the Truth. And there is no "cookbook" way to do this. But Management is simultaneously required--i.e. the nourishing of and the caring about these youth's entire Selfhood—with the intention and actuality of them getting a little better every day in activities of daily living-- e.g. how to properly make, save, and use money; how to cultivate the thriving parts of their Rational Brains instead of settling with the status quo and "making do" with whatever crumbs they can find; and how to switch from Emotional Energy to Spiritual Energy. Ref: Bailey, Word Stories Surrounding African American Slavery; Bailey, Word Stories Originated by Ancient Africans.

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